Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g: the “best meeting point” of folding screen and 5g

As digital enthusiasts probably know, since Samsung Galaxy Z flip was launched in February this year, with its exquisite folding design, it has won widespread praise in the technology media, and its products have been sold out several times. Today, Samsung’s Galaxy Z flip 5g is officially released and will be sold for the first time in China on August 7, raising a new wave of attention.

in fact, when it comes to folding screen and 5g, it is well known in the industry that before the advent of these two technologies, the global mobile phone market experienced a long period of “technology vacuum”. The frequency of phone change that once drove the growth of the mobile phone market, the explosion of mobile Internet and consumption upgrading and other industries’ dividends decreased gradually – but now, with the emergence of two new technological variables of folding screen and 5g, a new wave of development has taken place The dynamic dividend is forming, which also brings a broader game space for the global mobile phone market.

from Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g, you can clearly see that Samsung has been running fast and fast on the two parallel tracks of folding screen and 5g, which also makes users feel the amazing charm released when the two technologies collide.

if we regard 2019 as the “first year of folding screen”, then in 2020, folding screen will bring more perfect mobile experience to consumers.

Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g continues the highly acclaimed up and down folding design. In the closed state, the body is only the size of a make-up mirror, which can be easily put into the pocket of clothes – of course, many female users know that girls can take it as a make-up mirror and put it into the popular mini bag.

for example, when taking self portraits, users can regard Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g as a natural, stable and adjustable “tripod”. The system will also determine the current camera shooting mode according to the folding angle: for example, when the mobile phone is folded at right angles, the camera will automatically enter the gesture photographing mode, and it can automatically take pictures after staying in front of the lens for 1 second; if it is adjusted to 45 degrees and placed on the plane, the night mode can be opened to shoot the starry sky; when it is upright, it can shoot delayed video, etc.

of course, this function can also be used in video chat. If you put your mobile phone at a good angle on the table, you can chat with your friends directly and free your hands to handle other matters. This application mode is undoubtedly a great blessing for live broadcast and vlog fans.

in addition, many users already know that one of the advantages of folding screen mobile phones is adaptive split screen. When you fold the screen, a single program can be displayed in two parts.

Unlike other products, Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g has upgraded the interactive experience of adaptive split screen function, which can show excellent split screen ratio. You can view pictures, contents or videos in the upper part of the screen, and perform routine operations in the lower part. For example, if you fold the screen while watching a play, you can play video on the upper half and input bullet screen on the lower half.

in addition, we also benefit from the up and down folding design. Through the multi task window tray, users can simply drag and drop the application they need to use, and then they can carry out richer interaction and operation in the multi task active window. Multitasking will undoubtedly make work and life more efficient. You can imagine that Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g can be transformed into a mini computer, where the work talent can hold a video conference and record the text at the same time; a drama chaser can also open dual applications to pursue drama and discuss the plot with friends at the same time This kind of “one side One side… ” , expanding the imagination space of different people.

Finally, on the screen, it is worth mentioning that the 6.7-inch 2636 * 1080 resolution super sensory flexible folding screen of Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g can be understood as the highest level of folding screen at present. What’s more, after closing the phone, Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g has also designed a 1.1-inch external screen, which can realize the message notification function in the closed state, and can even be used to preview when taking photos.

all of the above give full play to the shape advantages of the up and down folding screen, bringing a new experience to the daily use scene – and the above functions may be just the tip of the iceberg, and more hidden functions of human-computer interaction need to be explored.

today, the evolution trend of smart phones has been very clear: first, the screen is bigger, and the second is the body is lighter. The two were contradictory before, but Samsung cleverly folded the “big screen” to achieve both the large screen and the portable screen, merging the two trends.

as you know, one of the remarkable signs of 5g era is that many ordinary consumers can blurt out the technical advantages of 5g: low delay, high bandwidth and wide connection. The global mobile phone market has also become lively because of the emergence of 5g mobile phones. The proportion of 5g mobile phones in the shipment of smart phones has also reached a record high.

as we all know in the industry, Samsung is one of the few companies in the world that has a whole industrial chain layout including chips, core networks, terminal products, radio solutions, and realizes end-to-end 5g technology. As early as seven years ago, they announced the successful research and development of 5g core technology. At that time, the predicted commercialization time node was also 2020. It can be said that Samsung has been deeply engaged in 5g.

what’s more, Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g is the first model of Galaxy series products to carry the mobile platform of Qualcomm snapdragon 865 + 5g. This “performance monster” recognized in the industry can fully release the advantages of Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g in 5g era.

since the launch of Samsung Galaxy Z flip in February this year, people will probably be attracted by its beauty, and the appearance of Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g has become the beauty responsibility of 5g mobile phones. In addition, Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g also brings two new colors of Lengshan grey and misty gold to create high-end foggy glass texture, which makes the handle more delicate and not easy to be stained with fingerprints. With the palm fold design, it is bound to be popular in the fashion industry.

so it is not difficult to find that Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g is a folding screen mobile phone with high degree of completion, whether it is screen technology, human-computer interaction, or industrial design.

more importantly, as mentioned above, the two biggest technical variables of smart phones are folding screen and 5g. In the eyes of many industry insiders, Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g is the best “convergence point” of these two variables, which can bring consumers a new mobile experience.

but to me, the Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g is not only a mobile phone, but also a “social artifact” in a sense.

I don’t know if you have this feeling. Even if people can do anything on mobile phones today, some people still miss the mobile phone world more than ten years ago. Compared with the “functional machine era”, various mobile phones have various forms in industrial design. Nowadays, the thousands of smart phones are rather boring.

fortunately, the appearance of folding screen mobile phones reminds people vaguely of the era when all kinds of flowers were in full bloom. I believe that Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g will become your unique “social currency” before folding screen is really popular. For example, if you are as introverted as I am, you can imagine that it will become a conversation box for you to break ice with others on different occasions.

Yes, in this era of serious homogenization of mobile phones, when you “open” a cool mobile phone, you may have unexpected surprises waiting for you.

Finally, Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5g will be sold for the first time in China on August 7. Users can purchase in Samsung’s official mall, Jingdong, tmall, Suning e-buy, Samsung’s official flagship stores of mobile phones and Samsung’s designated offline stores. If you purchase before August 31, you can enjoy up to 24 periods of interest free, distinguished butler service and concierge secretary service. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

Author: zmhuaxia