Samsung Internet is known for biometric authentication

Samsung Internet continues to increase its fan base, mainly due to frequent updates. As early as March, when the app was updated to 7.2 beta, browsers got protected browsing. It warns users of malicious websites. Version 7.4 is now available, including intelligent scan authentication, customizable reader mode, Download History improvement, etc. Let’s dive in.

Samsung Internet is known for biometric authentication and can be used to log on to websites, use web payments, or enter secure mode by using fingerprint or iris scanning. Version 7.4 introduces intelligent scanning, which “combines iris scanning with facial recognition to facilitate unlocking and, in some cases, improve the security of certain authentication services.” As expected, it only works on supported devices (currently Galaxy S9 or S9 +).

you can now completely customize the background color, font and font size of the reader mode. You can access the options from the text menu.

the latest version also improves the download history category. Now you can filter, share and download files directly from the menu.

recently, Samsung has started to release features specific to specific regions, mainly to test a function before putting it into the world. This time, Samsung has brought new features to India, the United States and China.

from now on, the estimated time will be displayed in both the notification bar and the download history page. Users can also change the default download location in the settings.

Finally, China has opened a new “trend now” section with Baidu’s support. Any link will take you to the relevant Baidu page.

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