Samsung mobile phone brand ambassador is Qin Hao! Netizen: you don’t need to take a camera when climbing mountains

On August 28, an advertising poster appeared on the Internet showing that Samsung has invited actor Qin Hao to become Samsung’s mobile phone brand ambassador. At present, we haven’t seen this news on the official accounts of Samsung mobile phone, China’s Samsung and other official accounts, so we can’t confirm whether it is true or not. Qin Hao graduated from the Central Academy of drama. He has played many film and television roles and is well known to the audience. A little earlier, Qin Hao played the role of “Zhang Dongsheng” in a popular drama, which won the audience’s approval for his excellent acting skills. Among them, in the play is the emergence of “mountain climbing photo” and other famous scenes. Therefore, some netizens joked: is Mr. Zhang going to take this mobile phone to take photos? It’s very funny. < / P > < p > in addition, from this poster, you can see that Qin Hao is holding Samsung Galaxy note20 series models and showing you the back design of the machine. Previously, Samsung has officially released the note20 series of mobile phones in China, and there are still two products in this series, namely, Samsung note20 and Samsung note20 Ultra. Both products have state-of-the-art hardware performance, and the s pen has been upgraded. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list

Author: zmhuaxia