Samsung note 20 ultra has green screen problem

Previously, the green screen problem of mobile phones has troubled many users of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Therefore, Samsung has specially launched firmware update to solve the green screen phenomenon. However, it seems that the green screen problem does not only exist on galaxy S20 ultra mobile phones, but also exists in the newly released flagship Galaxy note 20 ultra, and the tablet computer Galaxy Tab This phenomenon also exists in S7. < / P > < p > the green screen problem occurs only when the screen brightness falls below a certain threshold value. Therefore, increasing the screen brightness of the device can solve some problems, and there is a precedent for the new firmware of Galaxy S20 ultra to solve the problem. However, it is still unknown what the real reason for the green screen phenomenon is. The original green screen problem of Galaxy S20 ultra mainly occurred in the use of Samsung’s own exynos990 version. Therefore, people think that there is a problem with Samsung’s SOC screen debugging. This time, the green screen problem of Galaxy note 20 ultra occurred on the snapdragon 865 +, and in view of the tablet computer Galaxy Tab S7 also has this persistent problem. It seems that the root cause of the problem may have nothing to do with the super AMOLED driver. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?