Samsung note20 series first sale hot, everyone said not to body but very honest

On August 28, Samsung’s note20 series was officially put on sale, including two mobile phones, note20 and note20 ultra, with a price of 7399 yuan. At the beginning of the release, many netizens were dissuaded because of the high price and other factors. However, some media have announced the first sale results of Samsung’s note20 series: note20 and note20 ultra 5g mobile phones have won the top 1 turnover of tmall mobile phone category, and Samsung’s official flagship store has been ranked top 1 in the transaction list of tmall mobile phone category stores. It seems that not only many consumers have started the Samsung note20 series, but Samsung accessories have also been welcomed. < / P > < p > Samsung note20 is popular with so many friends. In addition to the excellent configuration of the two mobile phones, the generous sales benefits may also play a role in fueling the flames. At present, if you buy note20 series, you can enjoy 12 periods of interest free, old users can enjoy 400 yuan replacement subsidy, if you buy a machine, you can get Samsung original wireless charger, you can get 50 yuan phone bill if you want to buy the machine. In addition, you can also enjoy 6 months discount for screen change, 50% discount for battery replacement and 50% discount for purchase of s pen. Privacy Policy