Samsung note20 ultra measured in Germany: not in the top 10, less than Huawei plus millet

Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra offers a large display screen, pen control and top-level configuration including 5g. But is that enough to make it so expensive? The German professional testing agency connect has conducted a comprehensive and detailed test on note20 ultra, and the results can answer this question for you. < / P > < p > elegant design and excellent workmanship, powerful performance, dual SIM cards, 5g and Wi Fi 6 ensure the best connectivity 221 GB available memory, expandable user interface with many useful functions, refresh rate up to 120 Hz, 6.9-inch OLED screen, 108 million pixels, 5-fold zoom triple camera, unique pen control, good signal receiving and transmitting ability and battery life disadvantages < / P > < p > connect rating: excellent in the top 100 smart phones ranking, manufacturer’s recommended price: 1266 euro from connect smart phone Top 10 mobile phones < / P > < p > what is this tablet? When testers first saw Samsung’s Galaxy note20 ultra, the question immediately came to mind. Samsung’s new flagship with pen looks really good. Few smartphones reach or exceed their 165mm length. The weight of 208 grams is really not light, but it doesn’t feel very heavy when you hold it in your hand. < / P > < p > in terms of design, Samsung once again gives the note series an angular style. The top and bottom frames are ground flat to form right angles to the front and back. The reason why the galaxy note20 ultra still holds comfortably is that the two sides are bent in both directions: Samsung skillfully bends the front display and the back glass equally, so that it can be embedded into a metal frame only 2mm wide. < / P > < p > on the back of the note20 ultra, the huge camera unit will immediately catch your eye, especially the height of 2.8mm protruding from the shell is a little too high. In addition, the edge of the camera unit does not transition smoothly to the back shell, so it is not comfortable for fingers to touch the raised area. In addition, when the phone is operated on the table, it is shaken by a large camera unit protruding from the back. < p > < p > the new glass gorilla glass 7 used in note20 ultra back shell is a kind of high-quality material with special scratch resistance, but unfortunately, it is too sensitive to fingerprint, so that the bright surface of the black prototype is easy to be covered with fingerprint marks, which makes it a little ugly. In addition, the feel is quite comfortable, the workmanship is beyond reproach. The dust and water-proof function reaches the highest protection level IP68 that the smart phone can achieve. < p > < p > the Samsung note20 ultra has three cameras on its back: a 108 million pixel wide-angle lens, a 12 million pixel ultra wide angle lens and a 12 million pixel telephoto lens. The latter can realize 5 times optical zoom with the help of periscope. As long as there is enough light to illuminate the subject, the image quality of note20 ultra can always reach a good level, but it is far inferior to the excellent image quality obtained by Chinese competitors. From the perspective of the quality of the long shot, note20 ultra is in the lower level of the top camp. Although the digital zoom can reach 50 times, the quality loss is serious. < / P > < p > when shooting with a wide-angle lens in automatic mode, pixel merging technology compresses the sensor’s original resolution from 108 million pixels to 12 million pixels. In general, you can get excellent photos with natural colors. But compared with other mobile phone using simultaneous interpreting sensors, Note20 Ultra’s image is weak and not very delicate. < p > < p > in dim light, the image is blurred, which leads to the degradation of image quality. Super wide angle lens can take good pictures with little distortion and moderate gradient. However, in terms of image quality, it is far from the top optical devices of competitors such as Huawei’s P40 pro or one plus eight pro, which can take significantly more detailed photos. In short, Samsung hasn’t tapped the full potential of an expensive flagship on the note20 Ultra. < / P > < p > in terms of video, the new note is worth mentioning: if you don’t worry about insufficient memory, you can even shoot 8K video at 24 frames per second, which means that the 30 second video takes up about 300 MB of memory space. The details are amazing – if the lighting is good. Then you can extract a photo snapshot with a resolution of 33 million pixels from the video. If you want to play more freely, you can enable professional video mode for deeper settings through histogram, soft zoom, manual focus and microphone position. In addition, full HD slow motion video can be recorded at up to 120 frames per second, and 960 frames per second when reduced to high definition. < p > < p > the test engineer photographed the cabin with the 5x optical zoom of Huawei P40 pro and Samsung Galaxy note20 Ultra. In the enlarged view, you can see from the stone in front of the door and the shadow in the upper left corner that the dynamic effect of note20 ultra is slightly better, while the text shot by P40 Pro is more delicate and clearer. < / P > < p > the powerful OLED display with a diagonal length of 6.9 inches. Because it is very close to the edge and is only interrupted by a small groove, the front of the note20 ultra appears to consist of only a display. This provides plenty of room for the s pen to dance, as well as a fairly large display for watching videos and other content. Of course, this is mainly due to the very high resolution of 1440 x 3088 pixels and the adaptive refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. It should be noted that the 120 Hz refresh rate is only available at full HD resolution. < / P > < p > test engineers believe that the smooth rolling ratio and high resolution achieved by high frame rate have obvious advantages. However, other manufacturers have been able to achieve the best of both worlds, providing high refresh rate and high resolution. There is an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the screen for safe and reliable unlocking. < p > < p > in terms of the quality of OLED screen, the data measured in the laboratory is only at the average level: the display effect of note20 ultra depends on the viewing angle, in other words, its viewing angle stability is poor, only reaching the average level; the brightness measured in normal use is 313 CD / m2 can only ensure the medium readability of indoor and outdoor; the brightness can be increased to 970 NIT in sunlight, which is excellent; the contrast between indoor and outdoor is only medium level. Overall, there are many smartphones in the top camp that have better displays than note20 Ultra. < / P > < p > note20 ultra “viscera” has powerful performance and connectivity. In the EU version, Samsung installed its own top-level chipset exynos 990 with 12 GB of ram, so it performed well in the benchmark test, but did not fully meet the performance of the current chips of Qualcomm. Even so, it’s still easy to handle everyday tasks, and even multitasking or graphics intensive applications don’t get stuck, just get hotter as time goes on. < / P > < p > in terms of connectivity, Samsung has considered that note20 ultra supports 5g, WiFi 6, NFC and Bluetooth 5. In addition, South Koreans offer two combinations of Dual SIM cards: either use a second nano card or enable e-sim. The latter is more practical because you can use microSD to expand the memory without giving up the dual sim card function. < / P > < p > left: after the pen is pulled out, the “s pen” menu opens automatically, and prompts about gesture control are given. Central: you can take notes on the display without first unlocking the note20 Ultra. Right: with the help of note application, handwriting can be easily converted into text, and the effect is very good. In addition to hardware, software naturally plays an important role in user experience. Note20 ultra preloads the current Android 10. But Samsung is now offering three Android updates to its top devices – only Google has been able to do so far. In addition, you will benefit from monthly security patches. This is a great update for Android smartphones! < p > < p > Samsung’s own user interface is in the latest version 2.5 on note20 Ultra. Besides s pen, it has a series of useful functions, such as setting up a secure second interface, using applications under two accounts at the same time, and arranging the sidebar with freely configurable applications and functions. < / P > < p > Samsung’s DEX desktop model is also useful because it easily turns note20 ultra into a mobile PC. To do this, you just need to use usb-c to connect to the HDMI cable or use miracast to connect your phone wirelessly to the monitor, and many of the apps will appear in desktop view. With a Bluetooth mouse and a Bluetooth keyboard, you can really work. Also interesting is Samsung’s collaboration with Microsoft: note20 ultra can be mounted on an Xbox controller to be used as a mobile game console. Then you can play more than 100 games in the cloud with Xbox game pass. < / P > < p > Samsung’s Note Series is unusual mainly due to its stylus, which is stuck in the left frame on the note20 ultra and ejects the case after a little pressure. Samsung again shortened the response time to just 9 milliseconds on the ultra. As a result, the writing experience becomes closer to reality, and even if gestures change as frequently as zigzags, the s pen can keep up without significant delays. < / P > < p > with the pen, note20 ultra becomes the perfect digital notebook: just take the phone out of your pocket and you can write on the display with a stylus, and you don’t need to unlock the device at all. Then, note converts your handwriting very accurately into text. < / P > < p > in addition, the s pen can also be used for gesture control: press the pen button and move it through the air to change the lens in the camera application, flip through the photos, or return to the home screen. < / P > < p > in laboratory tests, note20 ultra did not show obvious weaknesses, but consistently performed well: 4500 MAH battery life of 9:16 hours allows you to easily spend a whole day; note20 ultra can be charged through 25 watts of cable or 15 watts of wireless. Peripheral devices such as headphones can also be powered by note20 ultra via wireless reverse charging. Other measurements including LTE, UMTS and GSM signal receiving and transmitting capabilities and acoustic characteristics are also good. < / P > < p > there is no doubt that note20 ultra is a great smartphone. But for whom? We believe that the target group is as narrow as the tip of a pen, mainly creative people and media professionals who want to paint a lot in digital form and want to have first-class equipment. Everyone else will be more satisfied with other smartphones. For an absolutely top-notch device at such a high price, we have given higher hopes, especially in terms of display and camera. In the top Android mobile camp, there are some better alternatives, and the cost is low. < / P > < p > with more than 20 years of professional experience and unparalleled testing ability, connect has become a test benchmark in German telecom industry. Its evaluation results of electronic products are respected by manufacturers and highly recognized by consumers It is the first media brand in the field of mobile and modern communication in Germany. It should be noted that the connect test samples are collected from the European market and may be different from the same products sold in other markets. 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