Samsung note20 ultra screen awarded a + “textbook level display”

Recently, Samsung note20 ultra’s display screen has been rated as “excellent a +” by US evaluation agency displaymate, which is called “textbook level display” by displaymate. According to displaymate evaluation, the maximum brightness of Samsung note20 ultra display is 1609cd / m, 23% higher than that of note10 +. By increasing the brightness, Samsung has increased the outdoor visibility of the display, allowing users to see what is on the display even in strong sunlight. < p > < p > compared with note10 +, note20 ultra also reduces the proportion of blue light harmful to human eyes by 13%, which is the lowest in the industry. This means that the note20 ultra screen will also greatly reduce the visual fatigue of users using smartphones for a long time. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?