Samsung patent exposure: reveals how the company plans to build an under-screen camera

Samsung recently filed a patent at the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) that reveals how the company plans to build an under-display camera. Unsurprisingly, its approach is not very different from the current OPPO and ZTE solutions.

The “display device” mentioned in the document has two independent but still connected display panels. The better part of the screen uses a standard panel, while the smaller panel can be placed near the top border or near the upper left or upper right corner. position. The smaller panel has a significantly higher light transmittance and not only houses the camera, but also houses an infrared emitter and a flash underneath. In addition, the resolution of the panel is also low to further help increase the light transmittance.

We expect Samsung to polish the technology considerably before launch, especially if the company plans to implement the technology on high-end devices. There are rumors that the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold3 will be Samsung’s first mobile phone to launch this technology, but this is still a long time away, and there is no conclusive evidence.