Samsung S21 launches trade in service: iPhone 12 Mini gets $700 subsidy

According to foreign media reports, Samsung may offer some attractive services to loyal users and those who want to switch to the upcoming Galaxy S21 series. One of them is a series of attractive trade in deals – the same retail price as a recently released smartphone. Here’s the $700 iPhone 12 mini, Apple’s flagship compact product. < / P > < p > these are some offers, but in addition, Samsung also offers a trade in offer for users who already own Galaxy S or galaxy note models. Here are all the details that interested buyers should know. < / P > < p > twitter user sakitech provided details on Samsung’s trade in. If you want to buy any Galaxy S21, you can bring your iPhone 12 Mini with you, and you will get a discount of $700. Of course, the replacement iPhone 12 Mini needs to be in near perfect condition, but it’s still a good deal anyway. However, if you want to get a discount on any Samsung note S20, ultranote or S20 smartphone, you must get the same discount. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year