Samsung’s attack, limit integrated screen + Xiaolong 875 + 16GB storage, Samsung’s strength is extraordinary

In the fierce competition in the mobile phone market, mobile phone manufacturers in order to win a place, it can be said that the purpose is to be able to stand out in the fierce market competition. As we all know, Samsung mobile phone is a powerful mobile phone manufacturer, especially in product innovation and hardware design, which is the first in the industry. Therefore, through continuous research and development and exploration, Samsung mobile phone has achieved fruitful results. < / P > < p > throughout the development process of smart phones, Samsung mobile phones have brought many classic and popular products to the industry, such as Samsung S3, Samsung s6edge, Samsung S8 and Samsung Note Series, etc. these products not only have a high shipping volume, but also make a great contribution to Samsung’s market dominance. However, the development of science and technology is an endless road. I believe that in the future, Samsung will continue to work hard to bring more products with more sense of science and technology to the industry market. Recently, a group of Samsung S30 concept drawings have been exposed on the Internet. The appearance and hardware design of the machine are quite amazing. It seems that Samsung is going to make a big attack! < / P > < p > Samsung’s heavy punch! In terms of appearance design, according to the exposure concept map, this Samsung S30 adopts the design of extreme integrated screen. The ultimate integrated screen refers to that the front camera of the mobile phone is integrated under the screen, which makes the front of the whole mobile phone look very clean and tidy. In addition, the mature curved screen technology and the screen border handled properly, the whole mobile phone has a perfect design The visual effect of the face is quite shocking. Moreover, the Samsung S30 has adopted a 6.9 inch super AMOLED screen, and the screen resolution reaches 2K level. At the same time, the machine also supports 120Hz refresh rate technology, so the screen quality of the awesome will be very strong. < / P > < p > in the back design of the mobile phone, it is reported that the back of this Samsung S30 adopts a new generation of Corning gorilla glass, and adopts curved surface technology as the front, which makes the front and back sides of the mobile phone more integrated. In terms of camera, the Samsung S30 adopts the design of rear five cameras, and the rear five cameras continue to use the matrix module design similar to Samsung S20. This design has been very mature and quite harmonious with the whole body. In terms of parameters, it is reported that the camera uses a combination of 108 million pixels + 48 million pixels + 16 million pixels + 12 million pixels + 5 million pixels. If this is the case, the camera’s photography will be highly anticipated. < / P > < p > in terms of core hardware, it is reported that this Samsung S30 is equipped with the flagship chip of Qualcomm snapdragon 875. It is learned that the flagship chip of Qualcomm snapdragon 875 adopts a new generation of “three cluster” architecture design, and also integrates a more powerful GPU graphics processing unit and a new generation of 5g baseband chip. Therefore, with the support of the snapdragon 875, the core competitiveness of the device will be ushered in Unprecedented improvement. In addition, it is reported that the Samsung S30 has built-in 16GB storage at most. If this is the case, the addition of 16GB will make the multi task operation and background space of the machine more guaranteed. Three star punch! < / P > < p > Samsung is really powerful! Samsung mobile phone has always been the leader in the industry in product innovation, coupled with the powerful screen R & D strength, so the product design of Samsung mobile phone can be very extreme. The Samsung S30, which was exposed above, is full of brilliance and charm. The appearance of the whole mobile phone is very good, especially with the support of core hardware such as snapdragon 875 and 16GB memory, which makes the comprehensive strength of the machine beyond doubt. If the above exposure of this Samsung S30 is true, Samsung’s strength is extraordinary! Finally, what do you think of this Samsung S30? Welcome to leave a message for discussion! Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing