Samsung’s best-selling mid-range mobile phone evaluation is a little expensive, but it’s worth buying

Samsung is one of the world’s largest smart phone manufacturers. Cutting edge devices such as its note20 or fold2 are highly praised by users, but these luxury phones are not its main business. When it comes to pure numbers, the company’s more conservative phones account for a large share of sales, and these models strike a balance between flagship features and budget friendly prices. Among them, we have to say that Samsung’s most powerful mid-range mobile phone Galaxy a71 5g, with its 6.7-inch large screen, 5g connectivity and 64mp head mounted four camera array, this A-Series mobile phone is not simple. < / P > < p > beautiful, clean and practical, to a large extent, the galaxy a71 5g can really meet such requirements. There’s no funny curved edge screen, never used Bixby button, just a simple big screen tablet. Yes, it’s a big cell phone. < / P > < p > personally, it’s pushing the limits of one hand comfort, and I have to praise Samsung for making full use of the space here. The wide 6.7-inch display has only a minimum of frames, and the use of perforated self timer cam helps to further optimize the effect. < / P > < p > the panel is bright and bold, and you can expect everything that Samsung AMOLED screen can provide, and what you get here is a lot of enjoyment. The only drawback is that many Galaxy flagship computers do not provide this high refresh rate support. < / P > < p > view the external hardware, place the combined SIM / microSD tray at the top, power and volume controls at the right edge, and speakers, USB type-C port and analog headphone jack at the bottom. Behind it is the increasingly familiar Samsung camera rectangle, equipped with three suitable cameras and a depth sensor. < / P > < p > the back panel is handsome enough with a striking stripe pattern, but there are two disadvantages. First of all, it’s plastic, which not only feels bad, but also makes the phone’s anti-wear ability not confident enough. Then there’s the a71 5g, which is only available in a single prism cube black color option, which turns the phone into a fingerprint magnet. < / P > < p > Samsung comes with a very fast 25W charger in the a71 5g, but that’s all for the box. But it’s still impressive, not only charging the battery in minutes, but also the same solution that Samsung uses on its more expensive note20 Ultra. < / P > < p > the galaxy a71 5g is equipped with Android 10 and Samsung’s one UI 2.1. We may see the official upgrade to 2.5 at some time, but Samsung has not made a formal commitment. At least, we have seen the various functions transplanted in Samsung’s flagship product line, which is optimistic. < / P > < p > powered by snapdragon 765G with 6GB ram, the operation here is still quite smooth and most users should be satisfied with it, although it will not get the impressive experience of a mobile phone with a high refresh rate screen. < / P > < p > one of my least favorite trends in modern mobile phone design is to turn to on-screen fingerprint scanners, largely because they are a bit rotten. The performance of the a71 is better than most products, but what I really like is the face unlocking performance of the mobile phone. Although it often struggles in dim light, it is almost instantaneous. < / P > < p > the lack of Bixby button mentioned earlier, Samsung did not say “goodbye” completely, so close the power button of the phone, so long press will pull up Bixby by default. Fortunately, it’s completely customizable, just set it back to the normal power menu function. < / P > < p > the mid-range SOC and large battery are the perfect match for smart phones, and the pairing effect here is the same as imagined. Even if the screen is so big, it won’t bother to operate all day. < / P > < p > for mid-range players, the a71 5g will not affect the camera options. View the main rear camera kit from top to bottom, with a 5MP depth camera, a main 64mp cam, a 12MP wide angle lens, and a 5MP macro cam on the right. In most cases, it is possible to shoot in 4:3 16mp bin mode to improve the photosensitivity at the expense of some resolution of 64mp sensor. This is the most versatile option and the easiest way to get consistently good photos. < / P > < p > it’s done in one go, and the camera settings are pretty good. The lens has a lot of flexibility and good performance. Previously, we have been criticizing the macro lens on a series mobile phones. Although it still has some major shortcomings, it took me more time to take beautiful photos. < / P > < p > night photography is acceptable, far from the target of pixel magic, and the noise may be too high. Among the various software functions provided here, the most popular one is probably the super steady video stabilization function. For Samsung, this is nothing new in itself. Although it is easy to use, the a71 is not worth seeking. < / P > < p > Yes. Samsung’s A-Series mobile phones are one of the best-selling mobile phones in the world. One of the reasons is that they enable users to experience high-quality Galaxy S functions and performance, and have a more practical experience. < / P > < p > a71 5g is a great success. For the mid-range, the price is a bit high, but I think it’s worth the money, just because the size of this model makes it feel more impressive than its brother’s. 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