Samsung’s new 5g mobile phones are selling at a lower price, and the global brands are falling, and the industry is on the decline!

Samsung Electronics has just released its latest 5g flagship mobile phone, the galaxy note 20. However, compared with the $1300 price of the note 10 plus last year, the ordinary model price of the note 20 has dropped to $1000. This also reflects that in the once unattainable 5g mobile phone market, the price has gradually declined under the impact of cold demand and epidemic situation.

the regular version of the galaxy note 20 comes with a 6.7-inch screen and three camera lenses, while the super note 20 ultra has a 6.9-inch screen size, and a laser autofocus system is added to the camera for $1300.

since Samsung launched 5g mobile phones earlier than apple last year, its high-end phones have locked in a 4-digit dollar price. They are looking forward to the launch of 5g features to revive the mobile phone market which has been stagnant in recent years, but the market reaction is not as good as expected. At the beginning of this year, after the outbreak of the epidemic, a large number of unemployed people were created all over the world, which made consumers pay more attention to their pockets and forced mobile phone manufacturers to adjust their market strategies. For example, the iPhone se2 launched by apple in April and the pixel 4A launched by Google recently all cost less than $400. Even the 5g version of pixel 4A only sells for $500.

in the second quarter of this year, Samsung’s global mobile phone shipment fell by 29%, exceeding the 16% drop in the overall mobile phone market. The reason is that in addition to the high-end market demand in Europe and the United States, China’s domestic mobile phone industry continues to launch low-cost mobile phones, which has also hit Samsung’s market share. Huawei beat Samsung in the second quarter in terms of volume, taking the top spot in the global mobile phone market.

Bryan Ma, an analyst at IDC, a research firm, said: “in order to expand the 5g mobile phone market, the mobile phone industry has to cut prices.” Canalys, another research firm, estimates that the global average price of 5g phones in the first quarter of this year was $813, down from $1186 in the same period last year.

as the 5g mobile phone market moves towards the people-friendly route, Samsung has to offer more low-cost options besides its flagship. Samsung will launch the 5g Galaxy a71 in June this year at a price of $600. It also offers discounts and installment discounts for the 5g Galaxy S20, which will be launched in February. In addition, Samsung will launch another 5g mobile phone, the galaxy A51, on August 7 for only $500. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”