Samsung’s note20 series has been released in China on August 13, which has been revealed on its official website

A few days ago, Samsung held a global new product launch conference of galaxy, and officially released new products such as note20 series, Z fold2, Galaxy Tab S7 Series, Galaxy watch 3, Galaxy budds live, etc. Now we can know the main information of these new products. The domestic price has become the biggest suspense. Samsung will announce the domestic price of these products in the China release.

Unfortunately, Samsung has not yet announced the timing of the China press conference. However, on August 7, CNMO learned on SamSung China’s official website that the launch of Samsung Galaxy’s new products in China would be held on August 13.

according to the Samsung official website interface, Samsung note20 series 5g flagship has opened a 0 yuan appointment on August 5. The China Conference will be held at 19:30 on August 13. The new products will be pre-sale at 20:20 on August 13, and the first sale will be made at 0:00 on August 28!

according to the information on the official website, we can know that there is not much time to officially hold the SamSung China press conference. I believe Samsung will officially announce the official announcement in the next few days. We will wait and see. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally

Author: zmhuaxia