Sanction Chinese enterprises? American retribution is coming

Nowadays, in this era of rapid development of the Internet, notebook computer has become an indispensable tool for office work, teachers’ teaching and students’ homework. As we all know, due to the impact of the epidemic, many countries have postponed the start of school this year, but the epidemic can not affect the progress of students’ learning, so many primary and secondary schools and colleges and universities adopt online teaching method, which also determines that mobile phones and computers become the necessary “weapons” for class. As a result, computer sales have increased a lot. However, American students are facing the dilemma of not being able to buy a computer at the beginning of school. According to statistics, the gap of notebook computers in the United States is as high as 5 million. Many people may wonder why the United States, as a powerful country in science and technology, should have no problem in computer manufacturing. Why can’t we buy computers in the United States? As we all know, not long ago, the US Department of Commerce released a list of entities to sanction a number of Chinese enterprises. Now, at last, retribution has come. Because of the epidemic, it took time for enterprises to return to work and production. However, a Chinese supplier cooperated by Lenovo was still rejected by the United States. Therefore, Lenovo is also powerless to bypass the US sanctions and provide more goods for the US market. As we all know, Lenovo is a famous notebook computer manufacturer in the world. Maybe many people think that even without Lenovo, the notebook market in the United States would not have reached this level. On the contrary, Dell and HP in the United States can develop more smoothly. However, the reality is not as expected, some computer accessories needed by the two companies need to be imported from China. China’s “factory of the world” is not called for nothing. The United States has cut off its own as well as other people’s wealth. < p > < p > Hewlett Packard said that today’s lack of a large number of computer accessories, resulting in the normal completion of computer orders. In this regard, an American education director said: distance learning does not have a computer, just like you do not give the painter paint, but ask him to draw a beautiful picture. As for the status quo of the United States, the outside world has said that it is different because it is completely made by the United States itself. It is reported that Lenovo’s 3 million computers owed to U.S. consumers have been delayed because of the US sanctions against many Chinese enterprises. < / P > < p > originally, it was a win-win thing for each to get what he needed. It was made a political war by the United States. In today’s globalized world, more and more consumers are willing to choose high-quality and low-cost computers, while low-cost computers have become the first choice of teachers and students in American universities. According to an official website of the United States, the most popular affordable computers in the United States are now almost out of stock. < / P > < p > maybe some families with good families can have more choices, and they can buy computers with better prices without affordable prices. But for students with ordinary families, this is an economic disaster. The White House wants the U.S. to revive manufacturing, but it can’t surpass China in terms of labor costs and other costs to provide more consumers with high-quality and affordable products. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year