Sanctions against China’s “self suffering” shortage of laptop computers in American Universities

A survey recently released by the associated press pointed out that due to the government’s sanctions on Chinese enterprises, there is a shortage of notebook computers and other supporting equipment for distance learning in American schools. < p > < p > after interviewing school districts, suppliers, computer companies and industry analysts from more than 20 schools and 15 states in the United States, the associated press said that Lenovo, HP and Dell, the world’s largest computer companies, had informed school districts that their stock could not meet the demand for orders, and there was a shortage of nearly 5 million laptops, and the shortage could last for months or even longer 。 The U.S. government imposed sanctions on computer shortage in American schools. The U.S. government released a “physical list” of 11 Chinese enterprises a month ago, falsely claiming that American students should not use “computers made in China.”. Many large computer companies have been affected by the use of electronic components produced by these 11 companies and are unable to submit orders to American schools in time. At present, many schools are affected by the new crown epidemic, most of them implement online teaching. Educators worry that a lack of computers will increase inequality among students. Tom baumgaton, superintendent of the molongo Joint School District in the Mojave Desert, California, says 8000 students in his district need to use laptops for distance classes. “Just as artists are required to draw without paint, we can’t let children receive remote online instruction without computers.” < p > < p > in July this year, Baumgarten had planned to order 5000 Lenovo chromebook laptops, but the supplier stopped him. The latter said Lenovo was “blacklisted by a government agency” because it used high-tech electronic components from China. So he changed his subscription to HP and was told that the computer would arrive on time on the first day of school on August 26. However, the delivery date was repeatedly delayed, first to September, then to October. “I’m very worried that we can’t let every student use the computer.” Greg Prendergast, President of Acer’s U.S. branch, pointed out that the demand for notebook computers in American schools has reached an all-time high. Schools lack not only complete sets of computers, but also internal components such as screens, batteries, chassis and processors. US media: the government’s action is “very stupid”. Forbes news believes that because of the high dependence of the United States on China, the US government’s sanctions against Chinese enterprises are “very stupid”. Neil Thomas, a senior researcher at the Paulson foundation in Chicago, points out that the US government’s approach will strengthen the drive of independent development of Chinese enterprises and “will have an opposite effect” on the development of the United States. “< p > < p > American netizens said:” our government took six months, but what did we get in the end? Low income families still don’t have Wi Fi, some children still don’t have laptops, and two reliable meals a day can’t be guaranteed. It’s all about the government, not about the schools. ” The shortage of computers has intensified with supply chain disruption. The associated press points out that school districts in the United States are appealing to the trump government to solve the equipment shortage problem, because the absence of laptops in distance education means that some disadvantaged students will lose their learning opportunities. The associated press points out that this delay in delivery started in the spring and has been exacerbated by increased demand and supply chain disruptions, like toilet paper and other necessities during an epidemic a few months ago. Although there are no exact statistics on the shortage of computers and other equipment in schools across the United States, the Associated Press found that some of the largest school districts in the United States also have orders for Lenovo’s chromebook laptops and other equipment that have not yet been delivered. A survey of 1100 school districts in California alone shows that schools are waiting for the delivery of at least 300000 computers. Daniel tighbon, a spokesman for the California Department of education, said Lenovo employees told the agency it had a backlog of more than 3 million Lenovo chrome books. HP is facing a shortage of 1.7 million computers due to a shortage of components such as processors and touch screens made in China, school district officials said. An HP spokesman declined to confirm or deny the figure, saying only that “we will continue to use the global supply chain to meet the changing needs of our customers.” Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865