Say new words digital RMB pilot delineation, to understand the code “printed” cash

The Ministry of Commerce recently issued a proposal to carry out digital RMB pilot projects in some regions. < / P > < p > let’s look at the difference between digital RMB and mobile payment. Whether it is your Alipay or WeChat payment, in fact, you are still using the money in your bank card. The figure of your balance is just how much money you have in your account. The digital RMB is not the same. The English abbreviation of digital RMB is called “DC / EP”. DC means digital currency, and EP means electronic payment. Mu Changchun, director of the digital currency Research Institute of the Central Bank of China, has made a very clear positioning for DCEP. Its function is exactly the same as paper money, which is the digital version of paper money. In other words, the “number” in your hand is no longer just a record of information, but a real currency, which belongs to the liabilities of the central bank and has national credit. It replaces coins and banknotes in our daily life, which is called M0 substitution. < / P > < p > first of all, DCEP is very convenient in the payment process. Nowadays, mobile payment is essentially a kind of transfer behavior. Each payment account must be bound with a bank card. When making payment, it is to transfer money from your card to someone else’s account, which requires the participation of the bank. And the payment of DCEP is like I deliver a note to you now, and it can be completed without the bank. What’s more, it is known that digital RMB can support offline payment without network signal. In the future, when you don’t want to pay, you can’t use the excuse that your mobile phone has no signal. Secondly, the circulation and supervision costs of DCEP are greatly reduced compared with paper money. You know, printing money also costs money. The storage and transportation of paper money is the cost. The state regularly recycles worn paper money, which is also the cost. DCEP can save a lot of cost and has better anti-counterfeiting performance. Moreover, DCEP can achieve controllable anonymity and effectively protect personal privacy. However, if it is used for money laundering and other illegal purposes, digital RMB is easier to track than anonymous banknotes, which is conducive to cracking down on illegal activities. Finally, DCEP can boost the development of China’s digital economy. DCEP enriches the existing form of RMB cash, is the latest product to adapt to the mobile internet society, and will further promote the development of digital economy. From the perspective of future economic development, digital currency may give birth to a large number of new economic formats, and there will be more new financial companies and institutions based on digital currency. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine