Scan the code to enter the station, take the bus intelligently, analyze the “Spring Festival equation” of science and technology serving the people’s livelihood

Original title: scan the code to enter the station, use the smart bus to analyze the “Spring Festival transportation equation” of science and technology serving the people’s livelihood

The 2021 Railway Spring Festival transportation will officially start on January 28 and end on March 8, with a total of 40 days.

The annual Spring Festival transportation has begun. The train of time is carrying 1.3 billion Chinese, and it’s time to go home. Online ticketing, code scanning, intelligent ride, silent carriage It seems that these “new trends” that we did not dare to think of in the past have inadvertently made the railway spring festival transportation more and more quality.

“Going well” is a rigid demand, and “going well” is personal experience. Looking back on the past, every Spring Festival, “one vote is hard to get” has become a pain point for people’s livelihood. Even with tickets, the cramped green cars are crowded, and even the toilets are often full of people. “Walking” is the only expectation of the passengers, and it is also the biggest anxiety of the railway department.

Over the past decade, railway departments have concentrated on major projects, continuously promoted railway construction, continuously increased transport capacity, and woven a railway network for people to travel leisurely. In particular, the high-speed rail network, which has the world’s first speed per hour and the world’s first departure frequency, has significantly improved the railway capacity, greatly shortened the travel time, and provided more choices for departure and return home days.

In the people’s desire to improve the quality of life and share the dividend of reform, a warm picture of people’s livelihood unfolds in front of and around the people; a keen expectation of people’s livelihood is expressed in the people’s heart and mouth: “brush face” to enter the station, “choose seats independently”, “continue to transfer”, electronic payment for ticket purchase, scanning code to order meals, scanning code to take a bus, and waiting for purchase Ticket, e-ticket, the investment of Fuxing EMU These service measures, which were unimaginable in the past, are now blooming everywhere in China, providing a strong guarantee for the Spring Festival transportation to upgrade from “just go” to “go well”.

It’s the right time to step forward. With the rapid development of the railway network, the railway spring festival transportation has changed from a “transportation task that has to be completed” to a “warm service platform”. Especially in this year’s Spring Festival transportation, the railway department adjusted the ticket pre-sale period, introduced 24-hour full day free refund service, implemented discount of ticket price, sold tickets online one hour in advance, continued to increase the supply of transport capacity, tried out “silent carriage” and launched time ticket and time ticket products, as well as made normalization On the basis of epidemic prevention and control, we should give full play to the advantages of “contactless” services such as full coverage of e-ticket and Internet ordering, start from the source of ticket sales, strictly control the train overcrowding rate, reserve isolation seats for hot passengers on the train, and so on. Such policies and projects of people’s livelihood resolve the “equation of people’s livelihood”, convey deep feelings of people’s livelihood, and reflect the people’s livelihood The railway department’s heart of benefiting the people.

To be sure, as long as we savor the epic travel experience, it is not difficult to find that the railway spring festival transportation has made progress year by year, no matter whether we are going forward or looking back. In the past, the magic spell of the Spring Festival transportation seems hard to crack, the pendulum like migration of hundreds of millions of people, the relative concentration of some people’s inflow and outflow, and the information asymmetry between the railway and the public And so on, because of the reform and development, the railway spring festival has gradually become intimate and warm. The change of the Spring Festival transportation proves that we not only have the ability to solve the problems in development, but also can achieve better development in solving the problems. It also makes the development achievements more “warm” and the Huimin answers more “thick”.

It can be seen that the railway department insists on playing the “people’s livelihood card”, which is not only in line with the requirements of railway development, but also in line with the reality of the railway, and more in line with the vision of the people. Through the changes of Railway Spring Festival transportation, we feel the great changes of people’s travel mode. These faster, more convenient, more humane measures, respect for the service consciousness of the passenger experience, let the people have more sense of gain, happiness, security, which makes the Spring Festival home more warm, let the passengers return home more leisurely. (Tai Xuanping)

(editor in chief: Zhao Zhuqing, LV Qian)