Science and technology for the future

On August 15, at the closing ceremony of the 22nd annual meeting of the Chinese Association for science and technology, the China Association for science and technology held a Book press conference. < p > < p > the book is edited by China Association for science and technology, and 18 national societies organize relevant experts to participate in the preparation. The book is mainly composed of two parts: “major scientific problems” and “engineering and technical problems”, with the main contents of interpreting the formation background of problems and problems, international development trend, analysis of possible solutions, and prediction of future development prospects. This book is conducive to the majority of scientific and technological workers to better grasp the world’s science and technology frontier and development trend, stimulate young people’s scientific interest, promote public understanding of science, improve the scientific quality of citizens, and create a good environment for independent innovation. It also guides the national society to expand the service chain of publishing activities of major scientific problems and engineering and technical problems, so as to create an integration of academic, think tank and popular science The new paradigm of mutual promotion of scientific community service. It is understood that the publication of books has been strongly supported by the majority of scientific and technological workers. More than 70 relevant experts have been invited to write jointly by 18 national societies. After the article is finished, 22 academicians lead the reading and comment on the content of the manuscript from different perspectives, which reflects the value of the book and helps readers understand. This book will be published to the public after the 22nd annual meeting of China Association for science and technology. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”

Author: zmhuaxia