Scientists in-depth study, found a surprising fact, human may live in a virtual world!

With the development of modern display and sensor and supercomputing capability, human beings begin to touch the threshold of virtual reality technology! But scientists’ latest research shows that the possibility of real life in virtual reality is as high as 50%! < / P > < p > you should start to understand the virtual world. There are two people in the real world, the man with ragged clothes and the omnipotent and extremely powerful Keanu Reeves in the virtual world! Recently, we have. We must have thought, if there is a virtual world where we can enter and do what we want, what will happen? < / P > < p > the most advanced VR technology in modern times can only be regarded as the most elementary virtual world, because it can only simulate the visual system. For example, the VR glasses purchased now bring a lot of small movies, and then one can turn it out and feel it when he is at home. However, the problem is that only the eyes can see it, and the rest rely on the brain to supplement. Moreover, the information obtained by vision and vestibular organs is different In many cases, the car may roll over! That is, walking on the level road, losing balance and falling down! < / P > < p > What’s more, the VR eye’s capture sensor and processing delay of human posture will make people more prone to dizziness. What does this mean? You look up at the sky, but VR glasses can only see the sky after a while due to the delay of the motion capture sensor of head up and CPU processing delay, which also happens during the fast action switching such as head turning If you want virtual reality, just lie down and watch a little movie! < / P > < p > this is the world shown in. If you look at the first one carefully, you will surely find that the man who wakes up in the virtual world with pipes full of pipes and a blank face crawling out of the nutrient solution will, within his sight, be the cocoon of dense nutrient solution maintenance! < / P > < p > this can also be realized in theory. Our perception of the world comes from various “sensors” all over our body, such as skin pain, temperature, vector vestibular organs, visual naked eye, hearing and all other senses. It is theoretically possible to simulate this bioelectrical signal with a computer. In short, it is to replace all the neuroelectric signals leading to the central nervous system by computer simulation. Everything that you see, hear and feel is simulated by computer. The body ensures the necessary energy source in the nutrient solution. Theoretically, it can develop in this direction in the future. Everyone’s life environment will be less than 1-2 Square meters of space, if the future population exceeds 100 billion, this method can meet all human needs! < / P > < p > in the advanced virtual world, human beings cannot be separated from the existence of the body, so birth, aging and death are necessary. Therefore, some people may have the experience of “nightmares”, that is, system maintenance or “repairing” your body. Under normal circumstances, you can’t distinguish between virtual and real, because all the connections between the brain and the body are cut off! < / P > < p > What about the advanced version? Abandon the body and load it into the quantum computer directly in the way of extracting consciousness. The body can be retained for the future. If you are tired of staying in the virtual world and living in the real world, or you can destroy it directly, but you can’t come out again! Of course, there is also a by-product: you will live forever! However, in order to avoid exceeding the limit of computer resources, a dead process can be arranged, and then the computer resources will be used by a new consciousness! In 2003, Professor Nick Bostrom of Oxford University proposed a theory that supercomputers simulate the universe. He believed that at least one of the proposed propositions was true! Almost all civilizations similar to us will die out before technology matures. 2. Almost all technologically mature civilizations are not interested in ancestor simulation. 3. Almost certainly, we are in a world of computer simulation < / P > < p > Nick thinks that if the first two are false, then the third must be true, which seems to explain that human science and technology have been stuck in classical mechanics, special relativity, general relativity and quantum mechanics, and then in the universal theory of explaining the unity of the universe, and the world of elementary particles seems to be also At the end, it’s harder for us to go any further! What’s more strange is that our universe seems to have a ceiling. For example, we can’t observe the world outside the cosmic microwave background radiation, and there is a speed of light that can’t break through! < / P > < p > maybe this is a limitation set by supercomputers to avoid bugs. For example, when he came to the edge of the world one day, he found that the world was tailor-made for him, and all the actors just came to work! Of course, in our world, all of us are acting in their own colors, because we don’t know that our world is a virtual world! Houman ovadi, an expert in Computational Mathematics at Caltech, thinks that if computers have unlimited computing power, then we can’t find ourselves in a virtual world, because we can simulate everything! But if the computing resources are limited, it will have a smallest cell, such as a pixel block to fill, or set a limit that cannot be exceeded, or get a boundary of the range! However, in the traditional computer, even if we simulate a small scale of the world, the resources will be bottomed out soon. However, if a quantum computer is implemented, it can achieve more parallel computing than expected. Therefore, its ability is as large as a universe, as small as it can simulate the strong interaction between quarks. Why can’t we turn on baryons? Because quarks are closed? Maybe that’s the limit of quantum computers! After all, quantum computers are limited. Therefore, after considering various possibilities, scientists set up a model and put these data into the calculation. The results show that about 50% of the probability of our world is virtual, and of course, 50% of the probability is real. The boundaries that can’t be opened or seen may be the limitations of our science and technology. But the problem is that the ratio is 1:1, and we should share the same Who do you believe? < / P > < p > if we can simulate infinitely, it is estimated that even scientists can’t tell whether they live in the virtual world, but we know that there is no such computer in the universe, so it will have some problems! If we live in this virtual world, then all the physical laws we have found so far can be nested with mathematical methods, which has a very strict logical system. If the world is virtual, then it is no different from the real world! < / P > < p > in addition, we must recognize that information needs to be stored by particles. If there is as much information as the universe, it also needs so many particles in the universe. To simulate our universe, we can imagine how big a computer it is. Even 1:1 simulation of the earth is an impossible task, and the so-called earth simulator is just big It’s just a rough model of example! < / P > < p > if the universe is simulated, can it return to infinity? For example, simulation of our civilization is also simulated by higher civilization, so who will solve the problem? Of course, the more simple explanation is the Occam razor. In a simple way, the simplest one is the right one! Skip to content