see the scene which is dreadful to one ‘s mind! 3.3 million old-age machines are embedded in Trojan horses, and the company resells personal information to earn price difference

Many elderly people often choose the mobile phone with simple function and low price. However, there are also some lawless people who focus on the lack of protection of the elderly, implanted virus Trojan horse, remote control, illegal profits.

recently, the court of Xinchang County, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, identified that the suspect’s company had illegally controlled more than 330 elderly machines, and gained more than 500 mobile phone verification code. The profit of the company was over 790 yuan, and the elderly victims were all over the country. Police revealed that not only is the elderly machine, some children’s watches with communication function also need to be vigilant against such Trojans. What kind of black industrial chain is hidden behind this? In August last year, in order to take care of her 80 year old grandmother who lived alone, Xiao Zhu from Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province, bought a cheap function machine for her grandmother online. The so-called function machine is often referred to as the elderly machine, which only has the basic functions of answering phone calls and sending and receiving short messages. However, when Xiaozhu changed the package for her mobile phone, she found that the SMS sent by others could be received normally, but the verification code could not be received. The phone card is installed in his mobile phone, and the verification code can be received normally. He suspects that it is grandmother’s old-age machine installed with a Trojan horse, and then the police are called. Chen Yi, deputy leader of the network police brigade of Xinchang County Public Security Bureau, said that the function of the elderly telephone inquiry is to be able to query and receive the telephone charges normally. Once it encounters the bank verification code or other verification code, it will not be received. “Can be sure, it must be a mobile phone program hijacked the verification code, shielding.” < p > < p > the police conducted an investigation on the online sales of the same brand old-age machines, and interviewed 25 local people who bought the same mobile phone in Xinchang County, and found that there were 15 mobile phones with abnormal SMS receiving and sending. At the same time, the police also carried on the judicial appraisal to the Trojan horse program in the mobile phone. Chen Yi: the appraisal opinion is that the Trojan horse has the function of identifying and obtaining all the short messages in the mobile phone, and can block them according to the keywords, and finally upload the required short messages to the server. Shaoxing and Xinchang public security organs have set up a “8 & middot; 12” infringement group on citizens’ personal information led by the network security department. After finding out the organizational structure of the whole criminal gang, they rushed to Shenzhen to control all the personnel involved in the case, and seized a large number of background server data and contracts with upstream and downstream chain transactions. Li Fuyun, a police officer of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Xinchang County Public Security Bureau, said that the police’s access to background service data showed that its database stock reached more than 5 million mobile phone numbers, and the amount of information reached nearly 50 million, “which is a very large amount of data.”. < p > < p > after investigation, the company with Wu as its general manager has made a Trojan horse program that can control mobile phone identification and intercept SMS, and cooperates with the main board manufacturer to implant Trojan horse programs into the mobile phone motherboard. These motherboards embedded with Trojan horse programs enter the mobile phone manufacturers and finally sell them to the elderly. < p > < p > according to the statistics of the background server of a company in Wu, there are more than 3.3 million mobile phone numbers activated by Trojan programs, involving more than 4500 functional machine models, and the victims are all over 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. < / P > < p > Li Fu: once this function machine is used by the elderly card insertion, it will take the initiative to send the mobile phone number to Wu’s Gang, who will input the number to the downstream. Once the downstream gets the number, it can click to receive the verification code, and the downstream group will go to the e-commerce platform to “collect wool” through the mobile phone number and verification code. < p > < p > it is understood that, in addition to using a small number of illegally obtained mobile phone numbers and verification codes to register applications and make profits by spending, the vast majority of Wu’s companies have been sold to “wholesalers” of citizens’ personal information such as the “sweet potato” platform. < / P > < p > these platforms are an important part of this black industry chain, and they are called “coding platforms” in the “industry”. They buy personal information from companies like Wu at a low price, and sell them to the “wool collecting” gangs and individuals through QQ group and wechat group, so as to make profits from the difference, In this way, the personal information of citizens entered the black market, and then was bought and sold layer by layer, forming a huge criminal network.

suspect Qi said that a commodity gains two or three yuan profit, and it is necessary to make money in order to make money. So mobile phone numbers are registered. The mode is simple, that is, reselling and earning the difference. < / P > < p > stipulates that no individual or organization may steal or obtain personal information in other illegal ways, or illegally sell or provide personal information to others. < p > < p > in June 2020, more than 70 people, including Wu, were suspected of illegal control of computer information system, infringement of personal information of citizens, and fraud, and successively filed public prosecutions with Xinchang County Court in accordance with the law. Recently, Xinchang County Court ruled that Wu was sentenced to four years and six months’ imprisonment for the crime of illegally controlling the computer information system, with a fine of 600000 yuan, and the illegal income of 6.16 million yuan was recovered; Tong was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, suspended for four years, with a fine of 80000 yuan, and the illegal income of 70000 yuan was recovered. < / P > < p > the police reminded that most smart phones are installed with mobile phone security assistant software, which can identify viruses and Trojans for detection and killing. However, some elderly computers or children’s smart watches produced by informal manufacturers have hidden dangers of being implanted by Trojans. When purchasing, you should recognize the authentic and reliable brand products. In the process of use, we should pay attention to keep our personal information confidential and not easily disclose the information to others. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?