Senior Product Manager of Lenovo decrypts product philosophy of savior series

The black gold award is jointly organized by Hanwei Xinheng Exhibition Co., Ltd., the organizer of Zhongguancun Online & ChinaJoy, representing the highest technological product award in the first half of each year. Every year, the black gold awards will be strictly selected through professional testing, product ranking, expert evaluation and other links, recommend high-quality products to users, encourage technological innovation of enterprises, and promote the integrated development of science and technology and entertainment industry. < / P > < p > in the first half of this year’s award-winning products, Lenovo’s savior y7000 2020 won the Black Gold Entertainment Award. Lenovo’s savior y7000 2020 won this award for its outstanding workmanship and entertainment performance. In view of the market performance and the design philosophy behind the products, Zhongguancun Online reporter invited Ji ran, the product manager of Lenovo, and Wang Xuegang, the public relations director of Lenovo’s consumer business in China, to interpret the award-winning products and Lenovo’s next marketing strategy for users. < / P > < p > game notebook is the most popular category in today’s market, and in the game hardware devices, the Savior series is the market leader. If you often pay attention to the e-commerce platform game book sales ranking, you will find that the Savior series will occupy about two-thirds of the year’s top selling game products. According to Ji ran, senior product manager of Lenovo, the reason why every generation of Lenovo rescuer series can be highly recognized by the market is that Lenovo’s product philosophy is to come from users to users, and Lenovo can do whatever they need. For example, users hope that a product can solve all the application scenarios of work, entertainment and learning, and the Savior y7000 In 2020, a new fine matte surface material design is adopted with a simple and steady a surface, which solves the problem that the unrestrained game style cannot be well adapted in work and learning. < p > < p > Ji ran also mentioned in the interview that user feedback is very trivial and detailed, but each user’s opinion is very valuable, and it is also an internal driving force to promote the product’s continuous iteration and innovation. For example, the users of Lenovo’s rescuer series are scattered in all parts of the world, with different environment, temperature and climate. In some southern regions, the weather is hot and humid, and they can handle it Often sweating, over time the keyboard will be touched particularly bright, feel very greasy. In view of this, the rescuer y7000 2020 adopts the brand-new Legion truestrike original feeling keyboard. The silicone coating on the surface of the key cap provides the keyboard with the ability of oil resistance, and is more wear-resistant. The service life of the keyboard is more than double that of the previous generation, and the micro arc key cap is more suitable for the finger pulp. < / P > < p > in addition, some player friends live in the northwest region and encounter more sandstorms. Lenovo rescuer y7000 The d-side of 2020 notebook is designed with large-area dust-proof air inlet hole. While conducting heat and exhausting air, it also prevents dust from entering. You should know that if the dust enters the notebook, it will pollute the internal components for a long time, and the unstable operation of the computer is also likely to occur. The design of the rescuer y7000 2020 greatly reduces the corresponding risks. However, Ji ran said: the market performance of Lenovo’s rescuer y7000 2020 in the first half of the year was much better than expected. Such a market result is due to the viral spread of the good reputation accumulated by the series of rescuers for a long time. In the future, good products will be sold better and better, which also confirms that Lenovo has been taking the user as the center for a long time, and the enterprise gene is very correct. However, Wang Xuegang, head of consumer business relations in Lenovo China, believes that the market performance of Lenovo’s savior y7000 2020 is better than expected. In addition to the long-term good word-of-mouth, another incentive is the recovery of PC industry caused by the epidemic. The root of all this lies in the fact that home office and home-based learning have become the norm in the first half of the year. In terms of a family of three, both office and study need terminals with productive capacity. Before the epidemic, the number of computers was measured by family as a unit. The epidemic situation made everyone need a productivity equipment. At the same time, mobile phones and flat boards could not reach such a capacity, so they were widely used in PC retail terminals Under the situation of rapid growth, it naturally promoted the hot sales of such top class products as Lenovo rescuer series. < / P > < p > as a label brand in today’s E-sports market, Ji ran said when talking about the future planning of the Savior series: Lenovo does not make the template standard, so the future of the Savior series is not limited to the game market. The Savior will comprehensively upgrade its dimensions, launch targeted high-performance products for creative people and farmers, and expand the brand’s radiation. Of course, every step forward Lenovo needs to collect a large number of user opinions so as to know what users really need. < / P > < p > for example, dual direct gfx dual-mode enhanced display function emerges as the times require in the continuous communication and communication with users. Although it is a game notebook, it is impossible to play games 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the allocation of energy consumption. DDG dual mode display, can automatically switch the output mode of the graphics card, adjust the performance of endurance and game frame number. On the new generation rescuer y7000 2020, it has upgraded to the second generation of DDG intelligent dual-mode display. With NVIDIA advance Optimus technology, the display mode can be switched without restart, and intelligent switching can be selected, which saves effort and effort. When the independent graphics card output directly, the graphics performance reaches the maximum release. However, when using the mixed output of independent display and core display, the endurance time will be guaranteed to a certain extent, so the specific display mode needs to be judged by users according to their own usage. < / P > < p > in addition to the overall upgrade of the Savior brand in the future, Wang Xuegang also revealed Lenovo’s next new product plan to the majority of ZOL netizens. He said: next month, Lenovo will launch a family new product for K12 people, making the product more extreme and solving the user’s pain points perfectly. < / P > < p > it can be seen that making products is not a simple show off technology. Black technology is not uncommon. What is rare is that all technological innovation comes from the most real demands of users. This is the product philosophy that Lenovo has been following all along, and it is also the essence of customer-centered transformation. After all, “suitable for users, loyal to users” is the way for an enterprise to survive. 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