Shaanxi a man mobile phone online banking binding number was changed, nearly 100000 yuan disappeared

Beijing News: bank cards, ID cards and mobile phones have never been separated, but they have been transferred to 100000 yuan by strangers. The bank card handled by Mr. Wang of Tongchuan City in Shaanxi Province in rural credit cooperative association of Shaanxi Province has been transferred out nearly 100000 yuan. After investigation, on November 27, someone changed his mobile phone bank binding number and transferred the money out in five installments. However, it was discovered when the bank informed him of the abnormal account number on December 1. At present, Mr. Wang has called the police, and Tongchuan banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau has also intervened in the matter. The staff of Wangyi District Rural Credit Cooperative Association affiliated to Mr. Wang’s bank told the Beijing news that they were fully cooperating in the investigation. Mr. Wang told the Beijing news that on the morning of December 1, he received a customer service call from Shaanxi Xinhe, suggesting that some lawbreakers tried to log in to his mobile online banking, and suggested that he go to the counter to change his mobile online banking login password. Mr. Wang visited a branch of the credit union nearby and found that the mobile phone number bound by his bank card mobile phone online banking had been changed to a Unicom number of Benxi, Liaoning Province. After inquiry, it was found that from 18:03 to 13:00 on November 27, three payments were transferred to a person named “Qiu Yang”, one was 10000 yuan, and the other two were 19999 yuan; from 0:41 to 48:00 on November 28, 20000 yuan and 30000 yuan were transferred to the person named “yellow prize”. The total amount of these five transfers was 99998 yuan, and the remaining 7000 yuan in the card at that time. Due to the frequent use of mobile banking, Mr. Wang did not open a transfer SMS reminder service, so he did not know at that time. Beijing News reporter called the mobile phone number changed to Benxi, Liaoning Province, but no one answered. According to Mr. Wang, this bank card was applied for by him when he went back to his hometown to start a business in 2017. The Bank of deposit is located in SHISHUGOU credit cooperative of rural credit cooperative association, which belongs to rural credit cooperative association of Wangyi district. “This bank card is used as a storefront card, often proceeds, 28, 29, I also use card binding Alipay spending $600, 29 account for nearly 2000 yuan, are in normal use.” Mr. Wang said, “and my mobile phone, card and ID card are always on me. I haven’t left my body, and my mobile phone has never been lost. The last time I lost my ID card was when I went to school nearly ten years ago.” < p > < p > Mr. Wang rushed to the police station at the first time and communicated with the credit union many times to find out how his mobile phone number had been modified. This morning, the staff of rural credit cooperative association in Wangyi District told him that after preliminary investigation, it can be confirmed that the mobile phone number was not modified by Mr. Wang himself, nor was it modified through the counter. Moreover, if you want to modify the mobile phone number of online banking binding at the counter, you need to carry your ID card for processing. They have reported to the Provincial Association and investigated the detailed reasons simultaneously. < p > < p > on December 4, the staff of Tongchuan banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau told the Beijing news that they had paid attention to the matter and asked Mr. Wang to call the police at the first time, and contacted Wang Yi Credit Union in time to continuously follow up the progress. Wangyi District Rural Credit Cooperative Association General Department staff said that the bank has reported the case to the police and cooperated with customers to find out the facts, so it is not convenient to accept an interview at present. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer