Share power bank “quietly” increase price! More expensive than charging Tesla

Compared with the price of cabbage, which was 1 yuan / hour when it was launched, the current price makes many netizens call it directly, which is unacceptable;. < / P > < p > the Tesla Model 3 with 21700 batteries has a battery capacity of 55kwh and 75kwh respectively, and it takes about 50 or 70 degrees to fully charge. According to the electricity charge standard of domestic charging pile of Beijing State Grid of China, the charge for a full charge of 55kwh is about 26 yuan and that of 75kwh is about 32 yuan. If the public charging point is used, the cost is about twice that of the domestic charging point. < / P > < p > model 3 can support the current of 32A at most, with the power of 7KW, and the charging mileage is about 45km in one hour. It takes about 10-13 hours for the standard version and the long-term version to fully fill the power station, and the electricity charge per hour is about 2.6 yuan. < / P > < p > it can be seen that the average price of using the shared power bank has exceeded the price of charging Tesla at home, almost equal to the price of using the public charging point. You know, this is only a price comparison based on unit time. If you calculate according to the actual charging capacity, the price of shared power bank is more expensive than Tesla. < / P > < p > “too expensive!” Ms. Lu, a Nanjing citizen, told reporters that she used a shared power bank near the Nanjing South Railway Station in September, “it took 31 minutes to charge and cost 9 yuan.” She remembered that there was a price prompt when she scanned the code, which cost 4.5 yuan for half an hour. “I thought it was very expensive at that time, but the power of the mobile phone was in urgent need, so I had to use it.” Ms. Lu quickly and slowly charged for a while, then quickly sent back, but still more than half an hour, “more than a minute, calculate my 1 hour of money.” < / P > < p > on November 27, the reporter came to Nanjing South Railway Station, where he saw desk top and three-dimensional shared power stations, some of which were 6 yuan / hour and some were 4 yuan / hour. The station service staff said that the price of the station shared power bank was higher than that in other places, some of which cost 89 yuan per hour, but they did not know about the price changes. The experience of Ms. Lu is not a case in point. In the interview, Ms. Bai, a citizen, also told reporters that she felt that the shared power bank was no longer the same as the previous two years. It could be charged with one or two yuan. Some time ago, she used the shared power bank in a shopping mall in Hexi, and spent 8 yuan in less than an hour. < / P > < p > during the reporter’s visit, most of the merchants who placed the shared power bank said that they had not found any price increase, and the public still used it normally. However, some businesses said that two or three months ago, there was a price adjustment. < / P > < p > in a noodle shop near Hongmiao, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, a desktop shared power bank is placed. “This has been in our store for more than half a year. At the beginning, it was 2 yuan per hour. About two or three months ago, it seemed to have risen to three dollars an hour. ” The owner of the noodle shop said that he didn’t pay special attention to the price because he couldn’t use it at ordinary times. If he hadn’t mentioned it during the meal some time ago, he wouldn’t know about the price increase. In other words, the price has increased to 2.5 yuan per hour. < / P > < p > the noodle shop owner also told the reporter that they had agreed with the sharing power bank brand merchants that they would share the revenue according to a certain proportion, but after half a year, he only got more than 100 yuan. “It is estimated that even the electricity consumption is not enough. It is not intended to make money at all, but to provide convenience for the guests.” < / P > < p > it is worth noting that the price of the same brand of shared power bank is different in different places. In the small shops near the Xinjiekou business district, the price is 3 yuan / hour, but in the shopping mall, it becomes 6 yuan / hour. < / P > < p > a staff member of one of the companies told the reporter that the company did not carry out a unified price increase, but the prices of some consumption scenarios will be adjusted, which depends on the consumption situation in different regions and places. He said that there is no unified standard for price setting, mainly based on the difference between high consumption and low consumption scenarios. In this case, “entertainment places like bars usually cost 10 yuan / hour; places like tourist attractions generally cost 8 yuan / hour; however, in some ordinary business districts and street shops, the hourly price ranges from 2 yuan to 5 yuan.” < / P > < p > the reporter learned that there is a certain “admission fee” for sharing the power bank to enter different places. According to the consumption standards of different cities, the “admission fee” can range from tens of thousands of yuan to one million yuan. A staff member of the shared power bank company analyzes that the pricing of the shared power bank in different places is different, which may be affected by this. < / P > < p > a staff member of another shared powerbank company said that there had been no sudden price increases recently, and this price has been the same since last year. However, customer service personnel said that there may be price increases in some places, and the price in some places is 10 yuan / hour. Consumers make complaints about

: “rent a day can buy a new one, and really can not accept this price.” “The National Day was still half an hour 1 yuan 5, now half an hour 2 yuan, I want to give up using.” However, there are also many people who think it is normal for prices to rise in the market economy. Ms. Wu, a citizen, said: “it’s like that in some airports, a bowl of beef noodles sells for dozens of yuan, but some people still go to eat it.” In her opinion, the price of the shared power bank in different places will be different, but as long as the phone is in short supply, people in need will still pay for it. < p > < p > the reporters found that the sharing power bank was born in 2015, and there had been losses, debts and bankruptcy of the company. In 2017, several brands gained financing from listed companies and gradually developed. With the gradual stability of the market structure, the price of the shared power bank began to increase. In the second half of 2019, many brands will adjust the original 1 yuan / hour to 2 yuan / half an hour, or even 4 yuan / half an hour. < / P > < p > although the price is rising, the number of people using the shared power bank is also increasing. According to AI media consulting, a third-party data mining and integrated marketing agency of mobile Internet, China’s shared power bank users are expected to reach 229 million in 2020, double the number of users in 2017. < / P > < p > the report also points out that with the promotion of 5g mobile phones, the power consumption of mobile devices in use has increased, but the terminal battery technology has not yet made a breakthrough, and the service life of mobile devices cannot be extended. Therefore, the market demand for shared power banks will exist for a long time. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865