Share the screen and the money’s gone? This function of mobile phone should be operated carefully!

“Dudududu…” “Hello, is that Huang XX? QQ company is ready to compensate you for the loss of your package. Now we will increase the original price! I’ll tell you the way to the claim procedure. ” < / P > < p > Lao Huang couldn’t make up his mind for a moment. It happened that the anti fraud propaganda team of suburban town of Ninghua County went into the village to publicize. Lao Huang immediately consulted the team. After Xiao Qiu, the anti fraud propagandist, got to know Lao Huang, he suggested that Lao Huang log in to a certain treasure to check the logistics situation and communicate with the seller. After verification, Lao Huang’s package is still in transit and has not been lost.

September 5, 2020, the town of Ma Yuan Ting Village village police Zhang said: it received a call that is a courier staff, the other said Xiao Zhang express lost in transit, to claim compensation, so Zhang joined the settlement QQ group consultation, plus group after the other sent a two-dimensional code, asked to fill out bank card account number, password, ID number, and let Xiao Zhang open the QQ screen. Sharing function, then the other side said Alipay plus friends, directly through Alipay claims, and let Xiao Zhang to balance the money in the treasure, all transferred to the bank card to prevent Alipay from freezing accounts, then let it open. At this time, Xiao Zhang felt that the other party might be a liar. He was about to stop the operation, but he received a transfer notice message from the bank, resulting in a total loss of 8000 yuan. < / P > < p > originally, the swindler used a “new method” to “steal” Xiao Zhang’s mobile phone verification code. How did the swindler steal the verification code? It is to get the mobile phone verification code through the “sharing screen” and quickly transfer the money from the bank card. If one is not careful, the money will be gone. < / P > < p > “sharing screen” is a function of QQ chat, which is equivalent to the screen recording operation of mobile phone. It will record all the contents displayed on the screen, and the other party can see them synchronously, including SMS, wechat and other app push contents displayed in the pop-up box.

is as like as two peas computer. The screen shows that when the screen is shared, the screen displayed is slightly delayed, but all the contents displayed on the mobile phone will be displayed on the computer exactly. Thus, when the liar lured the victim into the information of bank card number, mobile phone number, ID number and so on, all the cheaters could be seen in real time by the function of “sharing screen”. Then, the swindler takes this information to log in to online banking. Even if you don’t know the password, some online banks have a “forget password” option. Once you click it, you will send the verification code to the bound mobile phone number. Then the swindler will use the verification code to log in to the online bank, and then use the payment verification code displayed on the screen to transfer the money from the card. Screen sharing function is widely used by swindlers in loan, refund of goods with quality problems, refund of lost express delivery, pig killing plate and other fraud modes. < p > < p > after hearing this, Lao Huang breathed a sigh of relief and said, “now there are so many tricks of swindlers. Fortunately, you often come to publicize and enhance our sense of fraud prevention. I’ve got to hold on to my purse Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer