Shell · Rushi and Tencent cloud reach strategic cooperation

On September 11, at the Tencent global digital ecology Conference – video communication cloud special session, Tencent cloud and shell · Ruchi officially announced that they had reached a strategic cooperation and jointly launched the immersive media solution “Tencent presence TM”, which opened the 3D space reconstruction technology of shells to the whole industry and promoted the in-depth application of VR in different vertical fields. < p > < p > < p > “presence” means “immersive”. By integrating the shell’s advantages in VR data collection, 3D space reconstruction, Tencent TRTC, PSTN, VOD, live broadcast and other advantages, it provides enterprises with one-stop marketing services covering VR data collection, modeling, distribution and front-end application, so as to reshape the online marketing scene with VR and improve the marketing efficiency of enterprises And the effect. According to the relevant person in charge, compared with other VR solutions on the market, “Linjing” has four core advantages. First, the service process has realized integration and full closed-loop, which not only covers the whole link from hardware acquisition to terminal display, but also supports personalized display customization to label the goods in VR scene. Based on the marketing demands in different scenarios, customers can choose ultra-high precision laser point cloud acquisition equipment, or low-cost, zero threshold panoramic camera and mobile phone acquisition mode. Second, with Tencent cloud’s strong audio and video and communication capabilities, it can enable immersive scenes, and then realize innovative capabilities such as immersive watching, customer service seats, video interpretation, etc., to help users improve their understanding and experience of the scene. The third is to break the limitation of single business scene and realize the coverage of multiple scenes. All scenes surrounding the space such as Museum / Exhibition Hall / accommodation / automobile 4S shop can be reconstructed by “temporary environment”. Fourth, multi platform terminal support, breaking the limitations of traditional VR experience, which requires the help of external professional devices, can be viewed in IOS / Android / Web / applet, so that users can enjoy the new immersive experience in real time. < / P > < p > with the launch of “temporary” products, VR functions will be more and more applied to real estate transactions, home furnishings, cultural and Expo exhibitions, hotel and lodging, online exhibitions, community services and other business scenarios, so as to help various industries open new immersive marketing methods and bring users a convenient and stable immersive marketing experience. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

Author: zmhuaxia