Shooting sunset, these mistakes we should avoid, these skills we should refer to

(1) don’t shoot in the sun: This is not to say that shooting in the sun will damage your camera equipment. In fact, it is controversial whether there will be damage to the camera sensor. Some people think that it will damage the camera sensor, while others think that it will not damage the camera sensor. We will not discuss it here. Xiaobian thinks that it is secondary to not damage the camera element, and shoot in the sun You should pay attention to protect your eyes. This is the most important thing. What we mean here is not shooting at the sun, but more about composition. Shooting directly at the sun often leads to poor picture effect and dull picture. If you want to make the sunset picture interesting and interesting, you should consider a wider range of materials, such as some interesting scenes on the ground, some flying birds, airplanes and other elements added to the sunset theme, which can activate the picture To make the works more visible. < / P > < p > 2) lack of experience in shooting the setting sun: we always feel that shooting the setting sun is just a few minutes before the sun disappears in front of the horizon. After this time, we begin to pack up our equipment and prepare to retreat. However, after sunset, the sky is more beautiful and more attractive. < / P > < p > ③ late excessive: due to the large light difference of the sunset, the light color of the photos taken by us is not very ideal. Therefore, excessive adjustment is often caused in the late stage to cover up the deficiency of the previous shooting. As a result, the photo looks unreal and unnatural, and the color and light are excessively exaggerated. We try our best to control the exposure in the early stage of shooting. < / P > < p > 1. Take sunset at a suitable time: when is the right time to shoot the sunset? That is, an hour before sunset is the best time to shoot the sunset. At this time, the light is soft and the sky is rich in details, which makes it most creative. In addition, there is an hour after sunset, which is called the blue period. At this time, the sky changes from red to blue, and finally from dark blue to dark. This process is very interesting and vivid. We need to use a tripod when shooting. Because the light is weak and the exposure time needs to be prolonged, we must use the tripod to complete the shooting. < / P > < p > 2) how to correctly expose the scene with high light ratio: the setting sun is a typical scene with high light ratio, and the light difference between the sky and the ground is huge. Therefore, shooting this kind of scene often leads to over exposure of the sky or under exposure of the ground. It is difficult to balance the light between the sky and the ground by ordinary shooting methods. What should we do? In this kind of scene, we can use surround exposure, high dynamic HDR, or post synthesis to shoot, but the effect is often not ideal, or the operation is relatively cumbersome. Here, we recommend using medium gray gradient lens to shoot sunset scenes. The filter can well balance the light of bright and dark parts, and make it correctly exposed. Science Discovery

Author: zmhuaxia