Short video Kwai sharp user scale grew first year

According to the China Mobile Internet report recently released by questmobile, a third-party big data monitoring agency, the monthly active users of the short video industry have reached 852 million, and the length of the short video industry has accounted for nearly 20% of the total length of users in the whole network. It is the second largest industry after instant messaging, and comprehensively surpasses the online video industry in terms of advertising revenue, with the industry’s revenue increasing by 30% year-on-year 。 < / P > < p > the share of active users, network time and advertising revenue is increasing, which indicates that the fast-growing short video and live broadcasting industry in the past few years has entered a new stage. And the gradual release of industry dividends also led to some early layout of the field’s head platform into the heyday. < / P > < p > in the context of the overall sluggish growth of mobile Internet, short video launched a fierce offensive to fight for users’ attention. Among them, the performance of Kwai short video and live broadcast platform is the most eye-catching. In the QM report, the number of Kwai users in China Mobile Internet has increased far more than other Internet giants over the past year, and has increased by 41.5% from June 2019 to June this year.

as head office with more than 300 million daily activity, besides the massive increase of total user volume, Kwai’s monthly mobile user growth momentum is also improving. Kwai Kwai report shows that the total MAU net scale of the Kwai Chi extreme speed and fast master stations has exceeded 200 million in June 2020, and the fast hand system is the five month China Mobile Internet APP active monthly net growth scale. The only short video and live platform that has entered the top five occupies fourth and fifth places respectively.

has made a breakthrough in brand breaking through the Kwai Fu cooperation, Jay Chou live broadcast and other offensive actions this year. It has helped a lot in improving user coverage. The report also mentioned that the marketing strategy carried out during the Spring Festival has boosted the number of users in the short video industry to 910 million, and the active penetration rate has reached 79.6%. More and more young people of the first and second tier are becoming high-frequency users of this platform. The opening of

second tier growth plate and the basic advantage of Kwai Chung’s sinking market bring double growth of daily activity and monthly living. In the face of sluggish growth, more and more head companies have begun to adjust their strategies, especially in the last five years, whether it is consumption or pan entertainment content, the user groups covered by mobile Internet products are constantly sinking to places beyond the front line.

tiktok includes the Kwai and the vibrato, and the sinking market has become an important competition place. The QM report shows that in the past year, the average monthly usage time of active users in cities of the fifth tier and below has been increased by 4.5% over the same period last year. Among them, the active penetration rate of short video is second only to office, payment, government affairs and browser, and higher than that of other Internet life services and other entertainment applications. According to the QM report, the advertising revenue of the short video industry has increased by 29 percentage points to 18.21 billion in the past year, while that of online video has decreased by nearly 15% to 13.205 billion. < / P > < p > short video surpasses online video in advertising revenue, which is an important iteration of content value and commercial value of mobile Internet, and represents the maturity of short video industry to some extent. Spare no effort to catch up with

, Kwai tiktok still takes a larger share of the jitter. After the launch of the magnetic engine, the fast track has begun to catch up with the public and private traffic. According to reports, the Kwai Fu not only completed the commercial target of 15 billion in 2019, but also broke through 2000 customers in KA, and is becoming an important choice in the Internet advertising market in 2020. < / P > < p > in addition to advertising, live e-commerce has become a new competition point of short video live broadcasting platform. The Kwai tiktok, Taobao live broadcast and the jitter became the top three players, and the former two were allied with Suning and Jingdong respectively, and with more efforts to fight in silence, the whole live broadcast business battlefield was brilliant. At present, it has been widely accepted to transform the industrial chain by means of short video and live broadcast with goods mode, and promote the direct sales of source goods through content recommendation, and promote the user scale of China’s e-commerce industry to exceed 1 billion. < / P > < p > the extension from interactive value of content to commercial value also makes short video and live broadcast penetrate into all aspects of real life. No matter individual, enterprise, industry and government are all using the new content form and ecology to realize transformation, growth and development. In all short video platforms, Kwai Fu first shouted the goal of deep plowing. < / P > < p > behind the deep cultivation of the industry is the repositioning of the short video live broadcasting platform. Once it can be deeply integrated with e-commerce, education, culture, sports and other industries, the short video live platform will have the opportunity to get rid of the entertainment attribute, become a digital entrance connecting the daily life needs of ordinary people, and create a new high in the user scale. Skip to content