Should I buy a computer at the beginning of school? Mr. Zhao Yi teaches you how to make dishes according to your child’s college major

Many parents leave messages asking me whether to buy a computer for their children at the beginning of school, and how much should I buy a computer. Zhao Yi suggests that you should look at what major your child is studying in University: < / P > < p > first of all, there are no requirements for computer performance, such as: Law, philosophy, economics, science, agriculture, medicine, and so on. You can choose a light version of 4K or so We can even say which one is good-looking and which one to buy. < p > < p > for engineering majors, such as mechanics, electronics and architecture, because there are many professional softwares, they are also very complex, and need a more comprehensive performance of the computer. To choose an entry-level game book from 5K to 6K, it is better to use Intel processor. Although the price performance ratio of the sharp dragon processor is very high, the support for some unpopular engineering software is not as good as that of Intel. < / P > < p > then there are 2D visual majors, such as graphic design, digital painting, photography and computer specialty. These majors have high requirements on screen quality and processor. High gamut screen is a must. Processor selection is i7 or Ruilong’s R7, light and thin books and game books can be used. If conditions are good, you can choose 15 inch MacBook Pro, with better software support. < / P > < p > for 3D majors, architecture and industrial design, 3D animation, and post effect effects, in addition to good processors, high-performance graphics cards are also required to complete a large number of rendering. High performance games are required. The minimum requirement is to configure 7K starting processor i7 or R7 With NVIDIA 1660ti graphics card, the higher the graphics card is, the better it is. If the card is not capped, it is even necessary to select an expensive professional graphics workstation. < / P > < p > finally, it is related to artificial intelligence, which requires in-depth learning and neural network structure. The processor requirements are not high. However, rtx2070 is only an entry-level requirement. It is easy to say that it is a money burning major. The above models are recommended according to the professional requirements. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia