Simple 6 basic principles, let you take good photos

The first thing to look at is the main theme of the photo. Usually, its position has a huge impact on the image. For example, placing objects in the middle of the screen emphasizes symmetry. It is easier to focus the viewer’s attention on the whole image by following the trisection method and positioning it on the side. What is equally important is the content outside the picture. Generally, moving the camera position or enlarging it will help to eliminate unnecessary stimuli and even attract more attention to the subject. < / P > < p > the camera’s built-in light meter helps photographers identify factors that affect exposure – these factors include shutter speed, aperture, and sensitivity. In automatic mode, the camera does all of these operations on its own. Images that are too dark are called underexposed and those that are too bright are called overexposure. < / P > < p > may underexpose the image and lose detail in dark areas, making the image appear darker. If you overexpose a photo, the image will appear more airy. Only changing the exposure can seriously affect the atmosphere of the photo. < / P > < p > the camera lens is equipped with a lens so that one or another part of the image is clear. You can easily highlight the main subject for you by manually changing the focus or letting the camera in automatic mode. < / P > < p > some photographers have blurred backgrounds, others sharpen most of the images. It is related to the depth of field, which is determined by the distance from the object and the size of the camera sensor. Because of the latter, it will never be possible to use a smartphone camera to blur the background in the same way as a mature DSLR or mirror less camera. < / P > < p > therefore, by changing the number of apertures and the distance from the main subject, you can suppress distracting details, or conversely, if it’s integrated into the picture, you can make the environment clear. < / P > < p > understanding how light affects images is crucial to learning how to take quality photos. Light can be different: it can shine at different angles, and its intensity and even color can change. < / P > < p > when the subject is illuminated evenly from the front, it is easier to get the correct exposure as easily as possible, but it usually looks boring. Light from the sides creates dynamic shadows and makes the photo more interesting. You can literally make an object glow by shining light from the back. < p > < p > on cloudy days, the distribution of light is completely different from that on sunny days. Soft lights produce soft shadows. The stronger the light, the deeper the shadow. There is no right choice – it all depends on what mood you want to bring to the picture. The colors in < / P > < p > images are very dependent on lighting and sometimes cannot be completely controlled. If the shadows in the photo don’t look like they should be, change the white balance of the camera while you are taking a picture or while you are working on it. < / P > < p > the shooting time can affect the shooting result: boring or very interesting. By pressing the shutter button in time, the scenery can be elegantly suspended in the air, and the shadow can be presented in abstract form. < / P > < p > it’s also important what time of day you shoot. After sunrise and before sunset, the light is soft and produces a golden glow in the image. In the twilight, the sky is blue. On cloudless days, the midday sun gives off strong light and deep shadows. < / P > < p > photography may be technically perfect, but it’s still boring. The camera is a tool that allows you to record your world view. So it’s important to look for inspiration to take interesting pictures. < / P > < p > the content is provided by the interactive Lightroom tutorial website. If you like this article, please do not hesitate to share and like it. The editor is warm enough to remind you to pay attention to the home page, which can be updated every day. Your sharing and liking is the driving force for the editor to share continuously. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine