Simple experience of IOS 14, enjoy and disappoint

After the official version of IOS 14 was pushed on the 17th, I didn’t want to be a mouse. I wanted to wait for a few more stable versions to upgrade, but I always felt itchy, so I upgraded the upgrade file with more than 2.8g. However, it should be noted that users of the 64g version of the iPhone report that the prompt space is not enough. The system I show here takes up 8.3g space, so the upgrade of the small memory version needs to be cautious. < / P > < p > I believe this is what many people care about. The reason why they wait and see after receiving the upgrade is because they are worried about diabetes insipidus. I feel that the power consumption of the new version is more metaphysical. On the first day, the power consumption of the screen standby is good. In the evening, 99% of the power of the mobile phone is used. After 8 hours of sleep, 98% of the power is checked in the morning. The next day, the screen is standby for 5 hours, and the power consumption is 15%. The power consumption of the bright screen is also different. If you look at wechat, microblog and headlines in the morning, the power consumption per hour is 18%, which is the same for both days. But the same operation at night consumes 40% of the power for 5 hours. It is said that the new system will re adapt and be compatible with the app, so it will consume more power in the first few days, and it will be improved in a few days. < / P > < p > this is a metaphysical thing. Everyone’s requirements and feelings are different. Some netizens said that it was more fluent, while others said that the Bi of the card should also have something to do with the model. In terms of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and personal feeling, the difference is negligible. < / P > < p > although the description of the new features is similar to that of early Android, it is still different from the aesthetics at least. UI layout is relatively clear and light, not messy or abrupt. If you think there are too many widgets, you can stack them together. It seems that this has not been seen on other systems. Moreover, the stacked small components can display the content intelligently according to the scene, and the user can also swipe and switch manually. < / P > < p > this seems to be a more practical function, which can make up for the lack of quick screen capture experience in IOS, or partially replace auxiliary touch. However, I think this function is ideal and beautiful, but the experience is very bone like. Because most of my friends have a bad habit of wearing a condom, in fact, there is a high failure rate to trigger this function. It is good to succeed five times in ten times. In terms of screen capture, I feel that it is not easy to press the side key. < / P > < p > this is different from the previous “Android like” concept, IOS The 14 is to take out a screen to make a resource bank, and according to the automatic classification of App installed, and each drawer is larger, it will display the commonly used App, but the mechanism of App size does not know what to arrange. For example, I use more dog Dong to hide in the drawer, and also Alipay and the beauty group are classified in other ways, neither in “shopping” nor in “finance”. The important thing is that this screen can’t be hidden, and it may be unbearable for users who are addicted to cleanliness. There is no need to explain this device, but it is not the common split screen in domestic android. It is more like the common “small window play” on PC. moreover, it is not universal at present. The “picture in picture” prompt only appears in the video in the system browser. It is said that the third-party application supports station B. I don’t use station B very much. I didn’t try it. However, iqiyi and Tencent video do not support it, so at present, it is a function of egg. < / P > < p > adding such an application is not a global function, so what’s the difference between installing a new application with some rules. Are screen recognition and AR translation popular in domestic android? < / P > < p > this function was confused when it first appeared. Why is there a yellow dot on the phone page? Later, I inquired about it. It turned out that it was about privacy and security, which prevented the camera and microphone from being called. If the camera is calling the green dot and the microphone is calling the yellow dot, this is of practical value. < p > < p > the new version can finally change the default browser, but this seems to be an inevitable upgrade. It seems Safari is the best choice in IOS. In other words, IOS platform is not as light and easy to use as X browser and via browser on Android platform, which can also filter advertisements and have rich functions, so everything is the same. < / P > < p > big version upgrades are more than these updates, but in fact, personally, I don’t feel any surprise. For example, many things in Android, such as screen recognition, quick screen capture, simplified file sharing and so on, are still the same, and the efficiency is still low. However, it seems that the situation of killing app backstage has improved. I feel that IOS, like the iPhone, has been squeezing toothpaste in recent years. IOS 14 can’t afford to be called a big version update, but it’s still repairing old buildings. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally