Six moves to bid farewell to piriformis syndrome

Piriformis muscle is a muscle hidden in the buttocks. It starts from the front of the second, third and fourth sacral vertebrae, distributes in the inner surface of the small pelvis, enters the hip through the sciatic foramen and ends at the back of the greater trochanter of the femur. Its main function is to stabilize the hip joint and cooperate with other muscles to complete the external rotation of the hip joint. The sciatic nerve is the thickest nerve in the whole body. It originates from the sacral plexus and comes out of the pelvis through the piriformis inferior foramen, and is located in the deep surface of the gluteus maximus. The relationship between piriformis muscle and sciatic nerve is very close in anatomical position. If piriformis is injured or the anatomical variation of piriformis and sciatic nerve occurs, the sciatic nerve may be squeezed and various symptoms will occur. < / P > < p > patients with piriformis syndrome will feel pain deep in the buttocks, which is sciatica, and some patients will have intermittent claudication. There are two reasons for piriformis syndrome: one is that the piriformis muscle is injured and inflammatory due to acute and chronic injury, which stimulates or compresses the sciatic nerve and produces one side of low back and leg pain; the other is that the tension, spasm or hypertrophy of piriformis muscle itself causes sciatica. < p > < p > straight leg raising test: when the lower limb of the affected side is stretched upward less than 60 & deg; the pain is positive, because the piriformis muscle is stretched to a tense state, which makes the compression and stimulation of the sciatic nerve more serious, so the pain is obvious, but after the straight leg elevation is more than 60 & deg, the piriformis muscle is no longer elongated, but the pain is alleviated. Piriformis muscle tension test: the patient lies on his back on the examination table, straightens the affected limb and does adduction and internal rotation. If there is radiation pain in the sciatic nerve, the affected limb will be abducted and circumflex quickly, and the pain will be relieved immediately, which means that the piriformis muscle tension test is positive. Pressing and kneading piriformis muscle: the stop point of piriformis muscle can be pressed and kneaded in resting state, or in stretching state of piriformis muscle. Patients take prone position, relax the affected side of the buttocks and lower limbs, in the buttocks first apply the palm root massage method, the stimulation amount is not big, but it needs to be gentle, the purpose is to make the buttock muscle relax, which is beneficial to improve the local blood supply and return. Supine position stretch piriformis muscle: in supine position, the affected side’s lower limb flexes the hip joint and external rotation, the healthy side’s foot steps on the bed, like lying on the cross legged movement, both hands holding the healthy side thigh, and then side to side body close, maintain 10 seconds / time, do 10 times. Piriformis dynamic stretching: standing position, the affected side leg flexes the hip and external rotation, both hands grasp the affected side ankle to the hip joint direction, when the ankle reaches the hip joint, it is maintained for 1 ~ 3 seconds / time at the beginning, and gradually stabilized for 5 seconds / time, and then it is done 10 times. Piriformis dynamic progressive draft: standing position, hands on the waist, the affected side of the lower limb flexion hip joint and external rotation, ankle joint above the knee, like standing cross legged action, slowly squat down, hip and knee keep at the same level, 1 ~ 3 seconds / time, do 10 times. < / P > < p > 6, sit and stretch piriformis muscle: sit on a chair, erect the upper body, bend and rotate the affected hip joint, cross legs, fix the ankle of the affected side with one hand, fix the medial knee of the affected side with the other hand, lean forward slowly, feel the pulling feeling of the hip for 10 seconds / time, do it 10 times. < / P > < p > if you have such a situation, do the above activities together, give your piriformis a relaxing spa, don’t let piriformis syndrome to increase the burden of the body, use a more relaxed, more healthy way to work happily, happy life! Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?