Six years ago, domestic android upgraded its Android 10 system without losing to Apple’s iPhone!

For Android phones or apple iPhones, netizens have been arguing for several years, and the focus of the debate also involves all aspects. One of the advantages of fruit powder is that the iPhone has a long software update cycle. An iPhone can get the latest version of IOS system

pushed by Apple within five years. This feature makes the average service life of iPhone significantly ahead of that of Android phones. Apple powder often laughs at Android users. How good is your mobile phone? If you buy it for two years, the manufacturer won’t upgrade it. You have to put up with the old system, or you can only buy a new one.

in fact, these fruit powders are right. The two recognized advantages of iPhone are long service life and high value preservation. The truth of the former is still in the end. So, on the Android side, is the software life of a mobile phone really only about 2 years? In fact, we should also see that the maintenance time of domestic mobile phone manufacturers for old models

has increased in recent years, especially in large factories such as Huawei Xiaomi, the maintenance time of high-end models is generally about 3 years, which is still very good. For older models, manufacturers will give reasons to say that the hardware is not working

, so they will not upgrade. Most of them will also express their understanding. However, Xiaozhi has to say, but is the old Android phone really unable to upgrade the latest Android system because of insufficient hardware? Obviously not. Recently, an Android master computer released in 2014 has been updated by a third-party Android 10 system, which is one plus mobile phone generation 1.

the configuration of this machine can be called “ancient” now. It is equipped with a 5.5-inch 1080p screen, snapdragon 801 processor, 3G + 16g memory, and 13 million single camera. However, with such hardware configuration, the system can still be upgraded to Android 10.

this is also done by the third-party development team, which shows that the hardware is not an obstacle to upgrade the system at all. Android phones can also have a longer service life than the current iPhone. The hardware that the manufacturer says doesn’t work. In fact, it’s just a disguised way to persuade you to replace it. Xiaozhi thinks that domestic manufacturers should learn from apple, not to mention long-term maintenance for all models, but those expensive flagship models should at least be as long as the service life of iPhones!

Author: zmhuaxia