Sixty percent of Microsoft employees are against tiktok and support Gates’ idea

On August 11, Beijing time, news about Microsoft’s acquisition of tiktok has intensified in the past two weeks. Microsoft founder Bill Gates also talked about his views on the acquisition of tiktok. A survey was also conducted on yammer, an internal social networking site for Microsoft employees. More than 60% of employees did not support the acquisition. It is understood that a total of 250 Microsoft employees participated in the survey, of which 63% gave the answer that they did not want to acquire, 19% of the employees answered “not sure”, while only 18% of the respondents gave the answer that they wanted to buy. Although these 250 employees are only a small part of Microsoft, they also represent an attitude distribution within Microsoft. This may be the first time since they joined Microsoft that they doubted the correctness of the company’s actions. Microsoft and tiktok reached an agreement, the U.S. Treasury Department will draw from the agreement, which in the eyes of these employees is “bribery”, if not, it may cause misunderstanding to the outside world. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally