[skill sharing] network solutions for 10 mobile phones with different IP addresses

This upgrade, Wanliang mobile phone to do the reading task, added reading app micro video. As of version 1.5.3, a total of 40 apps have been adapted to Wanliang mobile phones.

many people ask me why the version number of Wanliang mobile phone reading assistant is updated so fast? The reason is that there are a large number of adaptive apps. After each app is updated irregularly, Wanliang mobile reading assistant will also adapt according to the latest version of the reading app, which will speed up the completion of reading tasks and avoid reading bugs due to version problems.

the most popular combination of ten mobile phone reading assistants is to read together with 10 mobile phones. Because for ordinary office workers and Ju Jia Bao Ma, the purchase cost of 10 mobile phones is relatively low, and if the reading assistant of 10 10000 Liang mobile phones is really in operation, the daily reading income is really objective. As office workers and unemployed home workers, this configuration is indeed a better sideline choice. First, do not waste a lot of time, because reading will not affect the normal work. The second 10 mobile phones, each app login account and the problem of Internet access are also relatively easy to solve.

from my personal reading for such a long time, I have tried many products of many companies in the market, but at present, I still suggest that we should not invest too much at once. Step by step, step by step. It doesn’t seem that projects without risks can be smashed. After all, people’s energy and the world are limited. I have been exposed to reading programs since 2018. It’s been more than two years now, and I haven’t made a lot of money like the online publicity. But the reason why I can persist in doing it for more than two years shows that reading project still gives me a stable second income. And this income is far more stable than I do other sidelines. This is what I have done. I have two wireless networks in my own home. I have connected two mobile phones respectively, so there are four mobile phones in 2 * 2 to solve the network problem. My own wireless card, for my girlfriend opened the mobile primary and secondary card I used 3, so it is very easy to solve my network problems.

many people are greedy and have prepared 30 or more 10000 Liang mobile phones at one time. I think if you have the strength or have contacted before, you can try. If you are just a little white, I personally suggest that we should start from the low threshold 10. Everything is difficult at the beginning. In this way, if the threshold is lowered to a good start, it will be more and more smooth.

Author: zmhuaxia