Sleep, eat, exercise, clean What’s the difference between space life and ground life?

The space dream has always been in the eyes of the earth people, which is a great dream that is far away and constantly wants to pursue and realize. With the development and progress of science and technology, human beings have gradually stepped into space through continuous efforts to explore, and the mysteries of space are also being explored and uncovered step by step.

first there was the Shenzhou, then the heavenly palace The successful launch of shenzhou-11 manned spacecraft has opened the longest “space life” of Chinese astronauts for 33 days so far. What is life like in space? Chen Dong, who went to space for the first time, wrote in his diary that it was really strange to enter space for the first time. At the beginning, he felt that his body could not be controlled. He could not tell how to walk and how to move.

there is no strict sense of up and down in weightlessness. You think astronauts are hanging, but they think they are lying down. Although the sleeping position is not limited, standing and falling down can sleep, but sleeping astronauts will float around. If they hit the equipment or switch, it may cause danger, so the astronauts need to fix themselves and their sleeping bags in the cabin.

when a spaceship flies in space, it has to go through sunrise and sunset every 90 minutes, and the longest night is only 37 minutes. It is very difficult to make sunrise and sunset like on earth.

you can’t eat hotpot as you like in space. In weightlessness, the simplest food and drink will become quite complicated. However, some food scraps, such as bread crumbs, will fly everywhere, confuse the eyes and nose, and damage equipment. Therefore, in the early days of space flight, space food would be made into paste and put into a container like toothpaste tube, with a single type.

later, aerospace food has been greatly improved, and its varieties and patterns have increased greatly. In addition to a wide variety of fish, canned meat, bread and so on, there are also Chinese dishes, such as fish flavored shredded meat, kung pao chicken diced, which are more colorful, fragrant and beautiful than western food.

the most desirable thing for astronauts is that they can float in the air. However, the long-term floating state will affect the health of astronauts. In weightlessness environment for a long time, astronauts will appear muscle atrophy, bone calcium deficiency and other adverse symptoms, especially in the legs, so every astronaut should spend at least 2 hours to exercise every day.

in tiangong-2 space laboratory, the space for astronauts to work and live is about 15 cubic meters. The larger area is the “running platform” and special fitness equipment for astronauts. Special treadmills and motor bikes can help astronauts exercise cardiopulmonary function.

how do astronauts maintain personal hygiene? The simple thing we usually deal with is much more complicated in space. First of all, space water resources are very limited. Secondly, water droplets will float around. Washing, bathing and shaving are full of technical content.

washes the face generally can only use the wet towel to wipe, after finishing the tooth must lay the foam on the paper to unify the processing, the shavings must carefully bag, prevents froth, the water bead, the shavings everywhere flies, certainly, the designer has carried on the special design to the shampoo, the toothpaste, the razor, the bathhouse.

although the life of astronauts is not as wonderful as that of science fiction, and there is no lack of loneliness and inconvenience, astronauts have been quietly sticking to their posts to explore space. Knowing the life of these astronauts in space, would you like to go to space? gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?