Small body, big energy! Why does Sony black card 7 compare with A9?

Sony a6500 is a positioning flagship APS-C micro single camera, compact and compact, with rich buttons and dialing wheels, touch + foldable screen, so that the machine has a good performance in terms of control efficiency and scope of application. In terms of fuselage performance, Sony a6500 has added 5-axis anti shake function, which is highly available. Meanwhile, it inherits the high-speed capture performance of the previous generation, and the 11fps + 4D focusing system can be competent for the difficult sports capture. You know, this work used to be realized by top professional flagship. Therefore, Sony a6500 is recommended for players who have high requirements for continuous shooting and recovery, such as shooting children, pets, sports and wildlife. < / P > < p > if you are a professional photographer and want to have a high-performance pocket standby machine that can meet the speed requirements, a vacation machine that has a small gap with the professional micro single, and can also be carried with you, then the updated rx100 VII will not let you down. < / P > < p > but if you are just an ordinary photo user and have no demand for performance and video recording, the rx100 VII’s predecessors who are cutting prices are the more suitable choice for you to chop hands. < / P > < p > as the main machine in the vlog market, the rx100 VII also comes with a flip screen that can be turned up by 180 ° to facilitate users to take pictures when taking selfies. In addition, Sony also added a 3.5mm audio interface to the right side of the rx100 VII to facilitate Vlogger external microphone and improve the radio quality. < p > < p > Sony black card 7 adopts the newly developed Exmor RS CMOS with 2010 million effective pixels and 1 inch, plus the same BIONZ X processor as α 9, which can greatly improve the speed and quality. < p > < p > the highest continuous shooting speed of Sony black card 7 can reach 20 frames / second, and in the focusing system, it can reach 60 times / second. Sony has always been highly praised by the industry in focusing system. Indeed, I have used Canon SLR, Nikon SLR and Sony micro single. In the focusing and focusing system, Sony has a great advantage in video display It’s really fragrant to chase the coke frequently. The price of Sony black card rx100m7g suit is about 8000 yuan in China, which is much more expensive than some card cameras, but it is still worth the price in terms of technical features and imaging quality. Compared with the micro single system, the investment of black card rx100m7g is much less, because the micro single and SLR camera may buy a new lens with better optical quality, and the price may be able to buy a black card camera. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?