Small brand mobile phone to 2000 yuan file, 144hz + 5100 Ma, starting value?

With the changes in the mobile phone industry, a small number of brands are slowly disappearing in the eyes of users. This year, the mainstream configuration is the snapdragon 865 processor, which is exclusive to high-end flagship. However, the high price makes some users unable to accept it. The low-cost midrange 5g mobile phone is what consumers want. < / P > < p > most people only know that Xiaomi sub brand redmi has launched a 5g mobile phone with a price of 1000 yuan, while Nubia play, which has the same cost performance as Hongmi, has been ignored. Recently, the mid end 5g mobile phone released in April ushered in the first wave of big diving, the price dropped by 400 yuan, and immediately fell into the 1000 yuan file. In terms of the configuration of Nubian play, what level is it in the thousand yuan machine market? < / P > < p > the appearance of Nubia play is very similar to that of its own flagship machine, the red devil 5g. Both of them do not adopt the special-shaped screen structure, but are similar to the symmetrical full-scale screen of Meizu, retaining the forehead and chin. Some people may think that such a design screen is not dominant, but for the game party, the existence of forehead and chin is very convenient for horizontal screen operation, which just caters to the positioning of the main game performance of this mobile phone. < / P > < p > the most surprising thing about this phone is that it supports a 144hz refresh rate and has screen fingerprint recognition, which means Nubian play has an OLED screen. Let alone April, even now, we can’t find an OLED screen thousand yuan machine with 144hz high brush. From this point of view, Nubia play can be regarded as the handle of 1000 yuan machine. < p > < p > Nubian play is equipped with snapdragon 765G chip, which is also the standard configuration of many midrange 5g mobile phones. However, compared with snapdragon 765G mobile phones such as Hongmi K30, Nubian play is significantly lower in heat. But in fact, the performance of Nubian play is not inferior to that of the Red Devils. Apart from the high-speed screen, Nubia play itself has added professional E-sports mode and cooling system, which can bring the performance of snapdragon 765G chip to the extreme. And this phone also has a 5100 Ma super capacity battery, which is not available in other thousand yuan machines. < / P > < p > Nubia play has more performance and endurance than other 1000 yuan mobile phones. Naturally, it will not be as good as the same price mobile phones in other aspects. The most obvious drawback of this mobile phone is taking pictures. Although it is also a rear four camera phone, two of the four cameras in the back of the fuselage are used to make up the number, so its real shooting performance is completely supported by the main camera. Nubia play’s main camera uses Sony 582 sensor. This sensor has been used in other thousand yuan machines. The real shooting effect is not too bad. < / P > < p > even though Nubia play’s photography performance has lagged behind, its advantages in performance and endurance are enough to make up for its shortcomings. Besides, this is only a thousand yuan machine. Who would choose a thousand yuan machine for those who really pursue first-class photography? Therefore, Nubian play is still a mobile phone with excellent comprehensive strength. After the price reduction, its performance price ratio is also very attractive. It doesn’t care about niche brands. It’s worth starting with Nubia play. Do you think? Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?