Small red book online video Number 10 billion traffic support support support 15 minutes video release

On August 15, xiaohongshu launched its online video number, which is planned to be open to creators with more than 500 fans and experience in video publishing. In addition, new creators with fans ranging from 50000 to 500000 on other platforms can also get the same rights and interests. The creators who meet the open standards of video number will enjoy the rights and interests including 10 billion flow support, preferential recommendation for business cooperation, one-to-one guidance for operation, cash and flow tool incentives, etc. < / P > < p > it is reported that after the video number is online, xiaohongshu will support the release of up to 15 minutes of videos, as well as the establishment of the creator’s video collection. He Tong, head of xiaohongshu community business, said that the release of the new products and policies hopes to encourage creators of various categories to record and share their lives with videos in xiaohongshu. < / P > < p > at the same time, the supporting policy for releasing video numbers of xiaohongshu also announced the recruitment rules, recruiting creators who have more than 500 fans in xiaohongshu’s website, or more than 50000 to 500000 fans on multiple platforms outside the station. According to the operators of xiaohongshu community, most of the creators in other platforms meet the recruitment threshold. The operation strategy and decentralized recommendation mechanism of xiaohongshu are very friendly to these creators. The current traffic support policy will help them realize “hot start” in xiaohongshu. The reporter learned that, in addition to 10 billion traffic subsidies, there are also preferential recommendations for business cooperation. It is reported that as of July 2020, more than 30000 brands have settled in xiaohongshu, providing rich brand cooperation resources for video Number creators. Meanwhile, the brand cooperation platform, Koc connection plan and other tools and policies provided by xiaohongshu will also help video Number creators connect with brand merchants. In addition, the creators of xiaohongshu video number will enjoy a series of exclusive resources, such as exposure of high-quality content, one-to-one guidance of small red book operation with cash reward, and exclusive signing opportunity for excellent creators. < / P > < p > in addition, the creators of the video number will also have the right to publish videos up to 15 minutes, breaking the previous limit of 5 minutes in xiaohongshu. Such a medium video will be more suitable for recording and presenting lifestyle content. The video number also upgrades the video publishing management function and UI experience. The creators of video numbers can obtain the work data from “creator ranking” and “creator center”, so as to intuitively perceive user feedback and optimize the direction of creation. It is understood that at the beginning of July, xiaohongshu launched the “video number seed program”, inviting more than 100 outstanding creators to join the video number in advance. In the past month, the daily average of seed creators of video numbers has reached 120000, and the average price of middle waist creators has exceeded 50000. Knowledge category creator “is your Kangkang” joined xiaohongshu video number from the outside station, and rose by 400000 in 40 days. On June 18, he released his first video note in xiaohongshu, which received more than 30000 likes and 1000 reviews. After that, his sharing content also expanded from learning dry goods to knowledge sharing, involving a series of contents such as social skills and good things recommendation. “Pipi on the blue planet”, the original creator of the little red book, published a video recording a tour on July 7, and in two or three days, he collected ten thousand points of praise and collection. After joining the seed program, she has gained nearly 60000 fans, three times the number of fans she has accumulated in the past two years. According to the data released by xiaohongshu, the release and consumption of video content of xiaohongshu has increased rapidly in the past year. 97% of the creators of xiaohongshu platform have published video notes. In the past six months, the number of videos released on the platform has increased by four times. Among the creators who have more than doubled the amount of video publishing, 90% have video publishing behaviors and habits. At present, nearly 70% of active users have the habit of consuming video notes. “Little red book has become a mainstream UGC video community in fact.” He Tong revealed that the creation and consumption habits of users are also the basis for the release of video numbers. She said that the original intention of xiaohongshu’s release of the video number was to make sure that video is the way of life in the future. “We hope that the creators of video numbers can achieve themselves while sharing and recording their lives.” Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally