Small size, great ability! Israel shows new packaged UAV

According to the defense blog website on August 6, spearuav, an Israeli innovation company, has announced its ninox series of packaged UAVs. The UAV can be launched at any time and is easy to operate, with intelligence gathering capabilities on demand and mobile. < / P > < p > compared with traditional UAVs with similar capabilities, ninox UAVs are low-cost and flexible. They can be launched manually, by individual grenade launchers, or by fixed or mobile ground, air or sea platforms. < / P > < p > ninox can withstand extreme environment and vibration, and can be used for UAVs and capsules of different sizes in a certain range, and can easily meet the customized needs of customers. < / P > < p > the ninox system does not require deployment, and its UAV is launched at high speed from the weapon, then immediately deploys and stabilizes in the air without operator intervention. Currently, there are three solutions for the ninox family: ninox 40, ninox 66, and ninox 103. < / P > < p > ninox 40 is designed for a single user. It weighs less than 250 grams and can be carried in a soldier’s Vest during combat. It can fly for 40 minutes and has a day and night camera to enhance situational awareness. < / P > < p > ninox 66 is used to launch from fixed and mobile platforms, such as tanks, etc. it can automatically track targets with a flight time of 50 minutes, a payload of 700 grams, and can withstand severe weather and combat conditions. < / P > < p > ninox 103 adopts a reinforced composite fuselage, which can be launched from large air, sea and land platforms with an effective load of 1.5 kg and can fly for 60 minutes. It has advanced capabilities such as bee colony, grid, computer vision and target tracking. Privacy Policy