Smart AI helps home security, Skyworth Xiaopai HD smart camera

For a generation like us who have both the old and the young, home security is the focus of our life. In the summer vacation, does the child stay at home every day, does he run and crawl, and does the old man forget to turn off the fire after going out? As a kitten in my family, have you ever made trouble again? A kind of intelligent AI camera that can monitor panorama and view remotely can be said to be a small device that has gradually become necessary in modern life. My choice is this Xiaopai smart camera from Skyworth brand. It has a 360 degree panoramic design, 2K high-definition resolution, supports low light level full-color and night vision shooting without light, so it can be said that the function is very intimate.

Skyworth brand partners should not be unfamiliar, it has been committed to home appliances electronic, digital, intelligent, has a pivotal influence in the home appliance industry. Whether it is television or security cameras, their core technologies are high-definition video coding and decoding technology. For this core technology, Skyworth brand has more than 30 years of technical precipitation, which can be said to have sufficient technical advantages in the field of video coding and decoding algorithm. Based on this, Skyworth brand has deployed a large number of intelligent terminal products in the intelligent era, from black to white, from video products to communication products, to IOT equipment and security plate. First of all, take a look at the product packaging, simple white carton, with brand logo and product design. On the side of the box are the AI features of the product: human shape detection, crying detection, high-definition night vision, custom inspection, etc.

next, let’s take a look at the accessories of the product. The packaging box contains a high-definition camera, product manual, data cable, and USB power adapter.

in addition, there is a base for mounting the camera and screws for fixing during assembly. According to the base fixed in different positions, we can realize the mode of front loading, side loading and hoisting, which can meet the needs of our use in a variety of scenarios.

next, let’s take a look at the appearance of this Skyworth Xiaopai high-definition intelligent camera. It has 2K image quality, and the overall shape is pure white, which has the flavor of a little snowman. The whole size is quite small and exquisite, so it will not appear abrupt whether it is placed on the desktop or hoisted in the air. The head position of the little snowman has a larger natural aperture and a better image quality of 2K HD resolution camera with orange rings as decoration. The base also has a ring of orange design, which makes it fashionable and recognizable.

details of the back of the camera, there are speakers for remote calls, and the following is the M-USB socket for power supply. A power supply line of sufficient length is provided as standard to facilitate our connection, installation and use.

in the off mode, it is necessary to turn the camera lens position upward to expose the reset button and the hidden design of the TF card slot. This kind of slightly hidden meaning, or has a certain protection effect and anti lost card effect.

Finally, take a look at the bottom of Skyworth Xiaopai HD smart camera, which has the code for pairing and the clasp for mounting on the base. Knob design allows you to easily assemble and remove.

next, we need to install Skyworth smart cloud on the mobile phone, and complete the network adaptation and device connection. This step is quite simple, just follow the prompts to carry out the next step. It is worth mentioning that the 2.4G WiFi network must be connected and paired.

after all the settings are completed, we can view and remote control Skyworth Xiaopai HD smart camera on the mobile phone. Through the remote control of mobile phone or intelligent cruise, the camera will realize panoramic shooting. The vertical direction can be adjusted up and down by 70 ° and the rotation angle in the horizontal direction is 350 ° and with the property of wide-angle lens, 360 ° panoramic monitoring without dead angle is finally realized.

for most kids, they don’t always remotely watch the indoor pictures with remote cameras installed, so the intelligent AI effect of home cameras has become the top priority of the products. In Skyworth app interface, we can specifically open panoramic cruise, cry monitoring, human shape recognition, human shape tracking and other functions, so as to realize the scene effect of intelligent prompt on mobile phone only after the picture changes.

in the intelligent AI field of cameras, Skyworth brand can be said to be in-depth mining and comprehensive coverage. Intelligent to cry, pets, characters, scene movement and other details of intelligent judgment, the true sense of the AI intelligent camera value.

Skyworth Xiaopai HD intelligent camera has a 2K resolution and an aperture of f1.4, which further improves the light input and the shooting effect in dark light mode. With TF card, we can choose whether to record continuously or to record in AI mode. The screen resolution can also be manually selected as smooth, standard definition and high definition for remote viewing. From the interface, we can open remote intercom, one button cruise, backlight shooting, crying monitoring, human shape monitoring, human shape tracking and other functions, so as to facilitate our remote viewing on the mobile phone. At the same time, we can also easily store the video in the cloud, or remotely view the local video, as well as the video image. In addition, we can directly and remotely adjust the angle and picture of the camera through the pan tilt control function. We can also generate 360 degree panorama in the home space with one button to help users achieve accurate monitoring.

in the dark light environment, Skyworth Xiaopai high-definition intelligent camera has the function of “low light level full-color”, and can also obtain clear and visible pictures under backlight or weak light. For the completely dark night, it can also easily realize infrared night vision, and clearly see every detail. In the real life experience, the camera can intelligently identify each passing person, and give a reminder to the mobile phone while tracking intelligently.

so the whole family’s life in the living room and the living scene are all recorded. When children cry, the camera can also detect the cry, even if I am at work, I can check what happened at home for the first time. For example, when the children at home cry because they refuse to do their homework in summer vacation, when I turn on the remote call function, I can ask the children to have a correct attitude and be positive. The children can also communicate with me remotely for the first time, which can be said to be very convenient.

after a week’s use, we can see that the recorded video files are intelligently separated by 20 minute segments. Each 20 minute segment occupies about 230MB of space. The video resolution is 2K. The h.265 encrypted video frequency coding technology greatly saves storage space, and on the other hand, financial security encryption is adopted The video security is guaranteed. In addition to using local TF card storage, we can also use VIP to store more cloud storage functions, so that you don’t need to worry about insufficient space.

in Skyworth smart cloud app, all scenes with dynamic and static pictures will be marked in red. We can turn on the double speed by selecting the playback mode, which is convenient for us to browse the scenes that have happened. With the help of AI of Skyworth Xiaopai high-definition intelligent camera, we can easily browse home space scenes at work. When a thief enters the house, he or she will get a message. If the old man is in trouble, or falls down and can’t move, he can make a long-distance call.

with the help of intelligent AI, you can have a panoramic view of the activity track of a mouse, a bird and a pet at home. It is convenient for us to maintain and upgrade our home.

for the children who have pets at home, Skyworth Xiaopai HD smart camera can record every moment of pet’s charmingly naive for you, making the interaction between you and the cat owner more interesting. You can easily capture and share on the mobile phone, and experience more intimate

in addition, Skyworth Xiaopai HD smart camera can also cooperate with Skyworth box to realize large and small screen painting The Chinese painting function can remotely display the picture scene in the bedroom on the large screen of the TV terminal. While watching TV, you can check the children’s situation in the bedroom, so as to reduce accidents and make life more comfortable and comfortable.

in general, such a Skyworth Xiaopai HD intelligent camera has enough intelligent AI design, advanced 360 degree cruise, and high-definition image quality effect. It can easily realize remote monitoring, remote baby watching and control at any time, which helps our home safety.