Smart home can also cross border co branding? Refuse the IQ tax! Xiaomi ecological chain xiaohuangren camera experience

Speaking of the home camera, your first impression must be the old taste of the ball cylinder + black and white classic. It is true that black and white color matching and modern home style, but the same style will inevitably have monotonous visual sense. We often see the secondary characters of animation co branded by mobile phone brands, such as Xiaomi 6x initial sound future model, Xiaomi 10 youth version Doraemon style, etc. with the bright colors and high popularity of the quadratic world, they have won the love of many fans. However, IP co branded products are often like a flash in the pan. They are very popular when they are just launched. After that, due to the flooding of the market and the serious homogenization, they are easily immune to users and difficult to resonate. Today, we will share a genuine IP co branded smart home camera in the field of smart home — Xiaobai smart camera A1 Xiaohuang version. Is it just a false form to reap IQ tax? Or is it genuine and sincere? Let’s have a look! < / P > < p > it is worthy of being the joint brand of Xiaohuang people. The packaging box is different from the classic style of pure white in the past. The unique yellow elements are full of every side of the box. The eye-catching Xiaobai smart camera A1 product rendering drawing is particularly eye-catching, so people can’t wait to open it when they get it. If you want to say that the most suitable co branded household video camera among Xiaohuang people, it must be Stewart. With only one big eye, he is perfectly integrated with the camera modeling, and in the premise of ensuring the basic functions of the camera, he can restore the image of Xiaohuang to the greatest extent. Genuine IP co name, so that the vibrant yellow and blue, looks particularly friendly. It is worth mentioning that the lovely blue silicone strap pants are actually detachable, which makes me feel evil < / P > < p > the camera of Xiaobai intelligent camera A1 is skillfully located in Xiaohuang’s eyes. It has F2.1 aperture, 6 infrared fill lights, 2304 * 1296 resolution, 300W pixel quality, h.265 encoding, equipped with IR-cut dual filter and WDR wide dynamic technology, it can extend the color picture time even in poor light conditions, so as not to enter black and white painting before it is dark noodles. < / P > < p > when PTZ cameras become mainstream, users are more concerned about how many degrees the camera can rotate. The A1 Xiaohuang version of Xiaobai intelligent camera adopts flexible double pan tilt design, with 360 degree horizontal rotation and 105 degree vertical visual angle. It basically has no dead angle monitoring and a panoramic view of key areas. With the motion tracking function, it can automatically capture the moving track of the target, and rotate the tracking camera to show where it comes from. < / P > < p > there is a noise reduction mic hole under the black “eyes” of the little yellow man, so the basic two-way call function is indispensable. The memory card interface is hidden in the “Chin” of Xiaohuang, and it needs to look up and roll eyes to leak out the interface. The TF card with the speed above C10 can support 256g storage at most. It is recommended to choose a special memory card for video monitoring. After years of practical experience, it is more convenient to use a safe and durable memory card. < p > < p > there are many small round holes in the “back of the head” of Xiaohuang people, which are not only loudspeaker holes, but also heat dissipation holes. From the back, there seems to be a little bit of sadness in the past < p > < p > 5v1a power supply interface is located in the “buttocks” of Xiaohuang people. Micro USB interface is still the mainstream of cameras. The standard 2m power supply line can basically meet the conventional requirements. It is worth boasting that the reset key is no longer a pinhole design, and it is no longer difficult to find a pin to reset at critical moments. < / P > < p > although Xiaobai smart camera A1 is so cute, it also supports flip flop. The wall hanging effect can be achieved by matching the expansion pipe with fixed base. Of course, if you believe in traceless and injury free installation, you must stick it at noon, because it will fall sooner or later. < / P > < p > as an intelligent device connected to Mijia smart home system, there is no need for separate app control. After using the Mijia app to connect and add devices, you can set and control the A1 Xiaohuang version of Xiaobai intelligent camera. < / P > < p > it is indeed a joint brand of Xiaohuang people. Even the interactive interface is full of Xiaohuang elements. Friends who have used the PTZ camera must have a lot of sweet words about the app controlling the pan tilt visual rotation angle. The most common is the cross control. The horizontal and vertical planes need to be adjusted separately by using the direction keys to complete the compound angle adjustment. Xiaobai smart camera A1 Xiaohuang version only needs to control the rocker direction key in the center of APP main interface, and any angle can be in place in one step. The video storage and reading of the home camera is another slot that users can easily step on. A lot of home cameras can’t locate and find videos clearly and accurately. Looking for videos a few days ago is very similar to what you played in those years. Xiaobai smart camera A1 Xiaohuang version supports memory card and NAS network storage, historical video supports fast query by day and hour, and supports fast forward playback at up to 16 times speed. In addition to the screen changes and the mobile phone alarm push when someone appears, the home help function also adds the baby crying detection required by Bao’s father and mother, which undoubtedly adds a reassurance to sensitive parents with children at home. < / P > < p > finally, let’s use a moving picture to show the picture changes of Xiaobai intelligent camera A1 Xiaohuang version under the change of ambient light. It can be clearly seen that when the indoor light is turned off, the camera will change from normal mode to low light level full-color mode. After briefly extending the color picture, the infrared fill light will be activated to enter night vision mode. High restoration during the day, clear at night, no matter what kind of display mode, the definition of image quality is not affected. < / P > < p > as an IP co branding work, Xiaobai smart camera A1 Xiaohuang version keeps the basic cultivation of an excellent smart camera, and also absorbs the beauty and fun of Xiaobai cross-border co branding. Don’t know such a distinctive smart home camera, do you like it? Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally