Smart phone classes for the elderly are set up in many places across the country: the location is in the University for the aged, and there are many elderly people

The age of intelligence cannot leave the elderly behind. According to the surging news search, many cities across the country have set up smart phone training courses relying on universities or communities for the elderly. These courses are welcomed by the elderly. Many elderly people from all over the country take part in training and learn how to use smart phones well. < p > < p > as reported in October this year, more than 700 universities for the elderly in Nanjing have set up smart phone classes, which train tens of thousands of old people to learn how to use smart phones every year. It was reported on December 4 that hundreds of old people went to the smart phone training course opened by Xiaojiahe University for the elderly, the oldest of which was 88 years old. reported on December 4 that 72 year old Chen Xiuzhi was a senior citizen On December 8, Yuan Yongbin, an 82 year old man living alone, participated in the free smart phone class in the community. She told reporters that “I am now 82 years old, and I can still live for a few years, so I need to improve myself” < p > < p > the surging news interview found that many elderly people feel fun in the process of using smart phones, and the teachers also said that the elderly do not have to be afraid to learn to use mobile phones. As long as they study carefully and practice more, they can master the use of smart phones. On the afternoon of December 8, more than 30 elderly people were learning how to make music albums in a computer classroom of Ningxia University for the aged. Before that, the old people in the class had learned how to order meals with their mobile phones, inquire about how many bus stops will arrive, and how to pay for water and electricity charges with their mobile phones. Aunt Zhao, 65, is a student of smart phone class in Ningxia University for the aged. Recently, she successfully placed an order on the takeaway app with her mobile phone and ordered a takeout. She told reporters that she used to watch the neighbors call takeout upstairs and wondered how it was. Now she has learned not only to order takeaway, but also to buy water, electricity and online shopping on her mobile phone. “You have to learn something.” Aunt Zhao said that the children asked too much and were not around, so it was more convenient to learn smart phones in a class. Song is 75 years old and goes to Ningxia University for the aged to learn how to use smart phones every week. However, because of his slow response on his mobile phone, I hope the teacher can wait a little more for each step. Otherwise, if he can’t keep up with one step, he will be “unable to keep up with each step”. Song told reporters that now he has learned how to open the “Health Code” of Ningxia and the State Council. < / P > < p > in November 2019, Ningxia University for the aged opened five smart phone classes, each class has 35 students, a total of 175 people. A person in charge of the Academic Affairs Department of the University told surging news that at that time, many elderly people went to the University for the elderly to ask whether they had taught courses related to the use of smart phones. Considering that there are many smart phones around the elderly, the academic affairs department started to prepare and tried to open five classes. < / P > < p > the first class had a good response. As a result, starting from September this year, the school decided to expand its scale and set up six smart phone classes. One week, 17 classes a semester, tuition fee of 100 yuan, a total of 276 old people signed up. Aunt Zhao and uncle song are one of them. After winter, some old people went to the south to spend the winter, so they dropped out of class and asked for leave. The number of students in class decreased, but there were still 30 or 40 old people sticking to the class. Recently, Yinchuan Bureau for the aged cadres has also held smart phone training classes in Yinchuan University for the elderly, communities in Yinchuan City, and the activity center for elderly cadres in Yinchuan city. The teaching contents include “Health Code” inquiry, order takeout, collection and payment, appointment registration and smart phone network information security. < p > < p > Xue Rong, head of the activity section of Yinchuan Veteran Cadres Bureau, told surging news that the smart phone training class should be opened for a long time according to the plan, so as to continuously meet the needs of Yinchuan elderly people to learn to use smart phones. Just on December 4, the smart phone training class of Yinchuan University for the aged officially opened, and more than 500 people have signed up. This shows that there is a great demand for the elderly to learn to use smart phones. However, in her opinion, only a small part of the elderly can attend classes in the University for the aged. Next, the community closer to the elderly’s home will be a more important learning position. < / P > < p > Su Weining lectured in the smartphone training class of Ningxia geriatrics University. Su Weining, a 65 year old professor of smart phones at Ningxia University for the aged, is a retired veteran party member and a senior engineer. Because of his work and interests, he often uses mobile phones and computers more frequently and is more familiar with them. Su Weining lectures are very popular with the elderly. He told the surging news that teaching the elderly should be very patient, especially pay attention to methods. Old people have poor memory. A question may have to be asked many times. “I’m also an old man. I understand the old people’s feeling that they are embarrassed to open their mouth to ask questions. If they ask, I will patiently tell them. Moreover, teaching and learning are mutually beneficial. Sometimes they ask me not to. I will go back to study it and tell them again that I have improved. ” < p > < p > for this reason, Su Weining also specially compiled the “operation manual for common modules of smart phones”, in which the common operation steps such as sending red packets, taking a taxi, ordering takeout, shopping, karaoke, and file transmission are recorded in detail, so as to facilitate the query and operation of the elderly. For example, how to register with wechat, Su Weining detailed each step in the brochure, “open wechat click me pay city service Ningxia appointment registration platform…” Similar to this, each step of the operation method is clearly written, convenient for the elderly control operation. Wu Daye, a 65 year old student in Su Weining’s class, tells surging news that he has a bad memory and forgets when he finishes speaking. However, he forgets this step and method when he comes home and can operate it step by step. Recently, Su Weining has obviously felt that more and more units and communities have invited him to give lectures. Not only offline, but also on-line, he also gives live lectures. Many Chinese elderly living abroad learn to use smart phones by watching his live broadcast, and they also hand in their homework to Su Weining for “correction”. According to Su Weining, it is a good thing that more and more elderly people actively sign up to learn how to use smart phones. As long as you study and practice carefully, you can learn how to operate. < p > < p > Wang Zhen, a teacher who teaches smart phone courses at Ningxia geriatrics University and Yinchuan geriatrics University, also found that the number of elderly people attending smartphone training courses this year is twice that of last year. In his opinion, the most important thing in giving lectures to the elderly is to be patient. He will take the initiative to ask the elderly what they don’t understand. He talks and practices repeatedly, “as long as you practice more, the elderly can basically learn.”. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer