SMIC and TSMC may not be able to contract for Huawei. Academician Ni Guangnan’s words are encouraging

SMIC and TSMC are the top foundry giants in the industry, especially TSMC, which has mastered the most advanced nano process technology in the world. With the advanced technology, it has attracted large customers all over the world, including Huawei. < p > < p > it’s just a pity that Huawei chips may not be able to continue production in the future. The reason is very simple. The United States does not want Huawei chips to rise. TSMC uses American technology, as does SMIC. Therefore, SMIC and TSMC may not be able to contract with Huawei, which is a pity. < / P > < p > many people are worried about Huawei’s future development and whether domestic chips can only stay at this level. However, academician Ni Guangnan’s words are encouraging. Ni Guangnan said that chips in China are changing from usable to easy to use. Great changes are taking place in hardware and software, such as chips, operating systems, databases and so on. < / P > < p > if we put it in the past, we may not be able to guarantee the supply of chips. The chips are imported, and the technology depends on others. Even the mobile operating systems used by us are Google and apple respectively. However, Ni Guangnan’s words have inspired people’s hearts and made us realize that China is not without its own production strength. Ni Guangnan’s view is that the former state is not available, the current state is available, and it is better to use after. < / P > < p > for the R & D strength of China’s science and technology, many people still stay in the concept of several years ago. Nowadays, both mobile phones and computer operating systems have their own products. < p > < p > for example, the mobile phone operating system has Hongmeng, which is being developed by Huawei, and the computer operating system has UOS and depth. There are megachips on computer chips, Huawei Kunpeng on server chips and so on. < p > < p > Huawei recently launched the Nanniwan project plan. The core significance of this technology is self-sufficiency and self-reliance. This significance is also the goal of the development of domestic science and technology enterprises. Some people think that since there are foreign products, why should we develop our own products? Huawei is the best example. In the past, Huawei has been purchasing chips from the US side and using their technology products. As a result, we all know what happened. So what we have to do is to be self-sufficient and self reliant. < / P > < p > some technical products may not be used, but they must be available. In the past, we didn’t have the ability of chip self-study because of lack of resources and talents. Now, the state vigorously cultivates talents and gives tax exemption to chip enterprises. The industry gap of hundreds of thousands of people is in the integrated circuit industry. < p > < p > Ni Guangnan is very clear about the scientific research strength of Chinese enterprises. If Lenovo had insisted on the development of core technology and mastered the key technology, perhaps the domestic technology level would have been upgraded to a higher level. However, academician Ni Guangnan’s proposal was rejected. Today, we can’t ignore the importance of self-developed science and technology. We can only feel at ease when we hold the technology in our hands. Maybe it won’t be long before a stronger level of science and technology will come. Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia