SMIC will follow the international rules and regulations. Huawei sees through all this and relies on itself

In the last month, the total market value of midcore increased by 600 billion when it was listed on the science and technology innovation board. However, after Yu Chengdong stated that Huawei’s high-end chip will be broken after September 15, which is likely to become a great success, SMIC has indicated that it will follow international rules and regulations, and may not be able to apply Hisilicon again after September 14. This word a, in the core international stock price appeared to fall. < p > < p > after all, it has become a reality that TSMC does not assist Huawei in OEM production, and SMIC must follow the stated standards. Netizens are not satisfied with SMIC and can understand it, but we must also make clear some objective facts. In fact, SMIC is also helpless technically. The development of China’s chip processing and manufacturing industry is sluggish. At present, SMIC’s production capacity is at most 14nm. The key is that 14nm does not meet the requirements of Huawei Kirin, and includes the technology of the United States. So now there is only humility. < p > < p > no wonder Huawei recruits photolithography engineers to develop chip lithography technology, and Yu Chengdong indicated in his speech that it has already made a comprehensive and reasonable layout of the development and design of multi-faceted industrial chain including chip production, design scheme, product R & D, manufacturing and packaging. It is obvious that Huawei has made good preparations. Huawei’s super genius scheme, Nanniwan scheme, IDM scheme and Huawei’s recent frequent contact with various colleges and universities. This has already shown that Huawei takes all these things very clearly and relies on itself! Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia