Smooth operation is not enough. How much difference is there between 6G and 8g? Is it worth spending hundreds more for 2G memory?

Android phones have been updated very fast in recent years. The demand for hardware has almost caught up with that of computers, such as memory. Since this year, many mobile phones have used 16GB of memory, while many computers are still estimated to be 8GB. Samsung has also begun to produce 16GB of lpdrr5 memory. < / P > < p > according to this trend, the super large cup versions of flagship computers of major brands should be equipped with 16GB of memory as standard next year. Within a few years, 24GB or even 32GB of memory will come out. Since the first Android machine came out in 2008, the memory at that time was only 192mb. In a short period of 12 years, the memory has increased by more than 80 times. < / P > < p > this is mainly due to the mechanism of Android system, which is bound to eat memory very much. Compared with Android, apple only needs 4G at present. This year’s iPhone 12 series may use 6GB. However, the 16GB memory of Android is destined to belong to high-end players and enthusiasts, and ordinary people don’t need it at present. < / P > < p > since this year, 6G + 128G and memory combination have become the starting configuration of major brands. In addition to 6 + 128G, there are 8 + 128G. Although this configuration only has 2G more memory space, it will cost consumers hundreds of yuan, generally about 300 yuan. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, the 8g version of realme X7 is 600 yuan more expensive than the 6G version. < / P > < p > is it worth spending so much for 2G? Maybe a lot of people don’t think there is much difference between 6G and 8g. So first of all, is 6G memory enough? The answer is of course enough. Although Android does eat more memory, many 4G memory models can still run smoothly at present, so 6G is needless to say! < p > < p > 6G memory can fully meet the daily use, and can ensure a smooth use experience, of course, the specific depends on the polishing level of major mobile phone manufacturers. As for the game that consumes the most memory, it seems that so far no game can dry up the 6G memory. Even if there is a game that can eat up 6G of memory, the general processor will not be able to move. Moreover, this requires special game phones, and the general user should not have such a limited demand. < / P > < p > so 6G is actually enough. Is it not cost-effective to buy 8g? It seems a silly behavior to spend 300 yuan to buy a 2GB memory module. You should know that 300 yuan can buy an 8GB DDR4 memory module. Obviously, this is a way for mobile phone manufacturers to make money. However, if the budget is sufficient, the 8GB version is still recommended. < / P > < p > the reason is very simple. 6GB can ensure smooth use at present, while 8GB can guarantee to win in the future, because with the updating of mobile phone business system version and app developers, such as games and applications, the demand for memory will increase. Maybe 6G is still enough at present, but not in a year or two. < / P > < p > with the increase of application data, there may be a series of problems, such as stuck, slower running speed, more background killing, and even flashback. Then the experience will obviously decline, and the performance of the large memory version will certainly be much better. Therefore, the current experience of 6G and 8g may not be big, but after a few years, the difference will appear. < / P > < p > although it is possible to buy an 8GB DDR4 memory module for hundreds of blocks, the memory expansion of mobile phones is much more troublesome than that of computers, so this comparison is unfair. But to be sure, mobile phone companies are actually making money through the high configuration version of the model. The low configuration version is to lower the price, and the profit is indeed the lowest. < / P > < p > therefore, the high configuration version is the model that makes money. After all, it takes hundreds of yuan to add 128G of flash memory capacity or 2G of memory space. This cost is higher than the nvme solid-state disk and memory module on the computer, but it is also fully understandable. After all, mobile phone companies also need profit margins. < / P > < p > so to sum up, although the difference between 6G and 8g is not too big, it is still suggested to increase the money to buy the 8g version. In this way, mobile phone manufacturers may earn more, but it is more cost-effective for consumers. Of course, for Android models, 6G is smooth to use, 8g is more comfortable, 12g is not big, 16g is not too much, and the budget is enough to buy large memory version. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year