Snapdragon 865 Plus + real time variable refresh rate Samsung Galaxy note20 series game experience

To ask a flagship aircraft to meet the most basic requirements, there is no doubt that the performance is powerful. Performance is based on chips, but the flagship chips available on the market can be counted clearly by breaking fingers. To open the gap between flagship computers, we need to do something about the screen, memory and system. < / P > < p > thanks to its complete supply chain system, Samsung’s annual Galaxy series flagship always uses the most advanced technology in the industry. Recently, Samsung Galaxy note20 series, which was listed recently, is recognized as the Android king in the industry, and its hardware configurations such as processor, screen and storage have reached the top level in the industry. < / P > < p > the author takes Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra 5g as the main machine, which has been used for a period of time. Let me share the game performance experience of this machine. As the computing center of mobile phone, the processor is the premise of supporting all other mobile phone experiences. Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra 5g is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest snapdragon 865 plus processor, which is the most powerful mobile processor of Qualcomm at present. At present, only a few e-sports game phones carry it, while Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra 5g is a bucket machine for positioning full-featured experience. With the performance experience of e-games mobile phones, they can do more than game phones. < / P > < p > in addition, in addition to the snapdragon 865 plus processor, the new machine is also equipped with up to 12gb of lpddr 5 storage + 512gb of UFS 3.1 flash memory, which provides a strong guarantee for the release of game performance. < / P > < p > test, set the game picture quality to HDR HD and the limit frame rate. In the process of the game, whether it is parachuting, steering, drag racing, or steel guns, the game control is very follow-up. In chicken eating games, whoever finds out the enemy first has a higher winning rate. Experienced friends all know that listening to the footstep is very important. Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra 5g supports Dolby panoramic sound, which makes the experience more immersive. < / P > < p > through perfdog recording game frame rate, Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra 5g can reach 60 full frames with very small fluctuation range. Of course, the machine can also choose 90 frame mode / ultra high definition mode, which users can adjust according to their personal habits. < / P > < p > racing games require high accuracy of touch on the screen. High touch sensitivity of refreshing the screen can improve the game experience. Try it out. This game has been adapted to the high frame rate mode of Samsung Galaxy note20 series. In terms of experience, whether it is drift or acceleration, the picture will not be dragged, and the frame rate can be maintained at about 120 frames. < / P > < p > of course, talking about the game experience of a mobile phone does not rely on listing the hardware configuration alone. The optimization of the game function of the system is also very important. Samsung’s game acceleration engine has been further optimized to support the no disturb mode. With the high-quality game experience brought by the snapdragon 865 plus, with the software optimization of the system, the game experience of the new machine has occupied the first echelon of Android. The high frame rate game experience of Samsung Galaxy note20 series is inseparable from its 120Hz adaptive refresh rate second generation dynamic AMOLED screen. The screen resolution of the new phone is as high as 3088×1440, and the maximum peak brightness is 1500 nit. The display effect, brightness and color and other indicators have reached the highest level of the current mobile phone screen. < / P > < p > as we all know, the higher the refresh rate of the screen, the smoother the picture displayed, and the better the game experience. However, the biggest problem with high refresh rate is power consumption. The 90hz refresh rate screen refreshes 90 times a second, which naturally consumes more power than the normal 60Hz screen. This is also the biggest problem faced by the high refresh rate screen at present. As the world’s largest AMOLED screen supplier, Samsung, including apple, is inseparable from its technology. According to the law of the industry, Samsung Galaxy flagship series will take the lead in applying the most advanced mobile screen technology in the industry. < / P > < p > in order to solve the power consumption caused by high refresh rate of 120Hz, Samsung pioneered a real-time variable refresh rate technology. It can only run at an ultra-low refresh rate of 1Hz when resting the screen, maintain 11hz refresh rate when reading black and white static text, and synchronize the screen at 24Hz when watching movies / videos, and support up to 120Hz when playing high-quality games. < / P > < p > thanks to this technology, Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra 5g not only has the highest display effect screen in the industry, but also can save more than 20% of power than other models, with perfect balance of performance and power consumption. Of course, the 120Hz high refresh screen not only serves the game experience, but also can make the writing experience infinitely close to the real pen and paper with the new s pen pen pen pen with a 9-millisecond low delay, which can further improve the efficiency of mobile productivity. < / P > < p > with the top-level game hardware configuration and further improving the system experience, Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra 5g is not a game phone, but it can give full play to the performance of game phones. At the same time, as an all-round flagship, it is far better than other competitive mobile phones in mobile office, photography and other aspects. < / P > < p > from Samsung’s top screen, self-developed CMOS image sensor, to Samsung’s self-developed processor, we can find that Samsung’s self-developed almost occupies half of the key components of Samsung’s flagship. We have to admit that Samsung is the only manufacturer in the world that can manufacture mobile phones completely independently. It is this strong self-study ability that makes it easier for Samsung to make high-quality flagship. < / P > < p > the Samsung Galaxy note20 series not only applies the industry’s top hardware configuration, but also connects the galaxy product ecosystem across devices. For such a high-end product integrating entertainment, video and office, the starting price of 7399 yuan is worth the price. This also confirms the saying that the products that can win the reputation of users are the ones that can bring all-round different experiences. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year