Snoppa atom stabilizer evaluation, support a variety of shooting modes, cost-effective than Dajiang Lingmou

Nap is a photography enthusiast. I usually use my mobile phone to take some product evaluation videos and children’s growth records. However, we all know that even if the mobile phone with better anti shake function will have a bumpy feeling when shooting on the mobile phone, the mobile phone stabilizer is needed to help. You may have heard of Dajiang, Feiyu and other brands, but the handheld stabilizer we want to talk about today is from another domestic enterprise: follow-up technology. There are many kinds of stabilizers on the market. In fact, in terms of consumers’ response and word-of-mouth, they mainly focus on two products: Dajiang Osmo mobile lingmu mobile phone Yuntai 3 and snoppa atom folding mobile phone three-axis stabilizer that we are going to evaluate today. Of course, atom was released before Lingmou 3, so I can’t say more about the innovation and reference. Snoppa has won many awards at home and abroad, such as the German red dot award and the European Design Gold Award. How about this mobile phone stabilizer? Let’s take a look. < / P > < p > the three-axis stabilizer of snoppa atom mobile phone is packed in a white gift box. In addition to the stabilizer, there are instructions, certificate, storage bag, warranty card, base bracket and various data cables, which can be connected to apple and Android phones, a microphone cable and a charging line. < p > < p > in terms of appearance, the biggest highlight of atom stabilizer is its foldable design, which adopts a special-shaped inclined arm three-axis structure, which makes the folding fuselage more portable. The folding size of the stabilizer is 178 * 106 * 50mm, which can be easily carried in a pocket or schoolbag. The surface of the stabilizer is made of skin friendly material, so it feels comfortable to hold it in your hand. It doesn’t have the cold feeling of metal. < / P > < p > the way to install the mobile phone on the atom stabilizer is relatively simple. It is fixed by mechanical fixture, and there are rubber protection pads inside the fixture, which will not scratch the mobile phone; the whole process can be operated by hand without the aid of external tools. The weight of the stabilizer is about 440G. With the new three-axis structure, the mobile phone with the maximum load of 310G can be used. Basically, all mobile phones can be adapted, and some mobile phone lenses can be used. < / P > < p > the stabilizer is designed with a type-C interface. During the shooting process, if the power of the phone is insufficient, the phone can be charged with the cable or connected to the phone’s microphone. In addition, atom integrates the microphone interface into the stabilizer for the first time, which can connect some third-party high-quality microphone accessories; when recording video outdoors and in noisy environment, the audio effect will be better. < / P > < p > in addition to wired charging, atom stabilizer also supports wireless charging of mobile phones, which is a highlight feature of this product, which other brands do not have. Moreover, it can switch through the handle button, which is a very practical function. Two 2000mAh lithium batteries are built into the stabilizer handle. In addition, the low power consumption of the stabilizer makes it possible to achieve 24-hour battery life in theory. < / P > < p > the stabilizer can be connected to the base bracket for fixation, and can be used for shooting some static video scenes, time-lapse photography, vlog selfie and other scenes. The actual test, the base bracket is relatively stable, there will be no shaking in use. < / P > < p > the motors of the three axes of the stabilizer are all high-precision motors, which can not only provide large torque, but also shorten the response time. With 32-bit high-performance processor, magnetic encoder and gyroscope chip, it is really stable, fast and energy-saving. In addition, each shaft end has a locking structure, which can lock the direction axis when not in use. The dynamic position of the mobile phone on the next mobile phone can also be seen in the dynamic process of the mobile phone < / P >. < / P > < p > the control button design of atom fully combines the position that can be quickly reached by human hands when using. There are three buttons in the upper functional area of the handle, namely, rocker, menu key, photo and video key, and the power on button is below. There are two buttons under the microphone interface of < / P > < p > 3.5mm. One is used to control the zoom / focus slider, and the other is the M function key, which can realize the horizontal, vertical and rotation control of the mobile phone. There is also a trigger key and a user-defined function key at the back of the handle, which can be used to control wireless charging switch, follow mode switch, parameter adjustment, scene setting and other functions, which can be set in the mobile app. For the photographer, it is more convenient to use and control.

short M mobile phone, horizontal screen and vertical screen switch, many video platforms are mainly vertical composition, such as jitter, micro-blog story, short video platform, while tiktok is suitable for shooting some wide-angle scenes, such as scenery, children and other life records, users can switch quickly and simply through a button. < / P > < p > these functions mentioned above can be customized through the mobile app. For example, long press the trigger key to enter the tracking mode; the user-defined button can be set to any function, and the POV mode can be opened by pressing 4 trigger keys. < / P > < p > snoopa’s app interface is optimized very well. The process of connection and activation and stabilizer calibration is very simple, so we don’t need to repeat it. We can operate step by step according to the app prompts. < / P > < p > the settings interface of the camera and pan tilt, that is, the user-defined function keys mentioned above, as well as some screen resolution and video quality settings. When using, it can be set according to the operating habits and personal preferences. < / P > < p > by pressing the menu key on the stabilizer, you can see two options of recording and photographing on the mobile app. You can select the corresponding function mode by pressing the Photo button with the rocker. There are many ways to play video and photo taking. For example, video recording includes slow motion, static delay, etc. taking photos includes light drawing, light field, automatic panorama, etc., which is quite interesting. < / P > < p > as far as the size of atom stabilizer is concerned, it is very easy to carry, whether it is for travel, outdoor sports or leisure records of daily life. Especially in the family with little baby, we can use it to record the little stories of baby’s growth, and also can take selfie. < / P > < p > when recording a video, you can choose object tracking and face tracking, so that you can track the object in real time, and automatically keep the target in the center of the picture, making it easier to shoot. < / P > < p > walking with a hand-held mobile phone. Through comparison, we can see that the picture without stabilizer is very bumpy, and the picture taken with handheld stabilizer is much more stable, which is especially suitable for shooting scenes of children playing, running and mobile shooting. < / P > < p > compared with a group of running modes, the stability of the video picture is very good when running in the state of handheld stabilizer, and the main position of the motion camera will not change in the three-dimensional space, and there will be no obvious picture jump. We can also switch to the running scene mode by pressing the button, and the moving speed and following performance of the stabilizer will be greatly accelerated. < p > < p > the atom stabilizer also has an outstanding highlight, which is low angle shooting. Many similar products in low angle shooting will appear shooting blind area, limited moving angle. When shooting at a low angle, you only need to hold the stabilizer in a horizontal state to achieve multi angle free shooting. < / P > < p > in general, the three-axis stabilizer of snoppa atom mobile phone is very good, the richness of APP functions, the stability of shooting pictures, portability and ease of use are very good; in addition to daily hand-held recording of some life videos, it can also be used in many scenes such as playing cool on the street, riding, traveling, etc. It can be said that atom has helped us realize the transformation from “being able to shoot” to “being able to shoot well”. Older posts →