Soaring $33.8 billion! Without Huawei, a big customer, TSMC has gone even further

TSMC is the world’s largest chip manufacturer with the largest customer base. For example, Huawei, Qualcomm, apple and Intel are all TSMC customers. Huawei is TSMC’s second largest customer, accounting for about 15% of TSMC’s annual revenue. For TSMC, it doesn’t want to lose Huawei. However, due to multiple rounds of restrictions in the United States, TSMC will not be able to supply chips to Huawei after September 14. But within the 120 day buffer period, TSMC did its best to help Huawei produce enough chips to complete the order delivery. However, some people think that it is not important for TSMC to leave Huawei, because there are also large global customers besides Huawei. In addition to Huawei, there is also a company that is more concerned about, he is Intel. Intel recently encountered technical difficulties and delayed the release of 7Nm chips. < / P > < p > it has been delayed by one year on the basis of the original 2021, that is to say, 7Nm chip products will not be released until 2022. After the news came, the market value fell sharply. However, the sharp decline in Intel’s market value has made TSMC a success, because Intel needs to rely on the OEM of TSMC. At this time, the market capital tilted to TSMC, and the share price rose by 9.69%, and the overall market value soared by 33.8 billion US dollars. < / P > < p > at this time, people realized that without Huawei, a big customer, TSMC would be even better. With a market value of more than $30 billion, Intel’s delay in technology has resulted in its dependence on TSMC. Not only Intel, but also Apple’s upcoming 5g mobile phone, when Apple’s A14 chip will adopt TSMC’s 5nm process. < / P > < p > it is predicted that Apple 12 series mobile phones will usher in a wave of wind. Next year, Huawei may not be able to continue to produce high-end flagship models equipped with 5nm, so Apple 12 sales will increase significantly. < / P > < p > Apple sales have soared, and TSMC has also risen. At present, TSMC has officially entered the stage of 6nm mass production. And Intel also placed an order at the first time to enter the GPU market. Intel used to do CPU, now the development of GPU will have greater dependence on TSMC. < / P > < p > one is the 5nm chip in apple market, and the other is Intel’s 6nm GPU. The two giants in the world have become the substitutes of Huawei. This is only a part of the world’s high-end chip manufacturers, are inseparable from TSMC. < / P > < p > then why is TSMC’s market value increasing instead of decreasing without Huawei? There are two main reasons. One is that other enterprises do not have Huawei as a competitor, so they rush to place orders one after another, dividing all orders that Huawei originally ordered in the fourth quarter. < / P > < p > the second reason is that TSMC is irreplaceable. Besides Samsung, it is TSMC that can produce high-end chips. Samsung, far from being the rival of TSMC, has been defeated by TSMC for many times. Customers choose one from two and definitely choose TSMC. < p > < p > TSMC is in the ascendant. It is the best to OEM Huawei, which can also maintain a high proportion of revenue. After all, the number of customers who can consume high-end chip production lines is indeed limited, otherwise the main revenue source will not be 7Nm. The most advanced 5nm may only be available for apple. However, TSMC will not stop exploring technology and upgrading technology. In the layout of TSMC, it is planned to start the construction of 3nm production line in 2022 and launch the 2nm process around 2024. < / P > < p > with the upgrading and iteration of technology, customers will only follow up. Who can obtain the OEM production of TSMC in the first time and start the market will gain great advantages. TSMC has always stressed that Moore’s law has not stopped. The so-called Moore’s Law means that the number of components that can be accommodated in an integrated circuit will double every 18 to 24 months, and the performance will be improved accordingly. In other words, beyond the higher 5nm, it can achieve 3nm, 2nm or even 1nm or even higher. If it is limited to a certain nano process, Moore’s law does not conform to the speed development law of information progress. The emphasis also indicates that TSMC will not be limited to a fixed nanometer level. < / P > < p > when it’s time to break through the higher process technology and become the only one, I’m afraid that the market value of TSMC will not be as simple as the soaring $33.8 billion. < / P > < p > this is like a cycle. TSMC’s market value has soared. With capital injection, it can be invested in the research and development of chip process. When it breaks through a higher level of technology, it can provide customers with the corresponding high-end manufacturing process of chip OEM, so as to make profits, and then use the income for research and development. < / P > < p > no one knows what the limit of nano technology is. After 2nm and 1nm, there will be 0.5nm and 0.1nm. If it reaches this level, TSMC will take over the whole world. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?