Social brand fission, a way to instantly increase sales by 1000 times

These 10 points are very important for everyone’s life. Therefore, the old textbooks are the systematic basis of our new textbooks, but many people have not realized the true value of the textbooks. < p > < p > in the past, the core of product brand marketing was product brand marketing. In order to make a good brand, enterprises must increase advertising investment, such as CCTV, satellite TV, newspaper and ground advertising. Brand is often a matter of landlords’ wealth, which seems difficult for entrepreneurial enterprises. Therefore, the brand is more for product sales services. < / P > < p > the logic of social brand has undergone great changes. From the functional trust of products, such as good function, good effect and good quality, it has transformed into the trust in social networking. For example, if the product needs to be personalized, the product can’t directly decide to buy, and the person who sells the product decides the realization of the purchase. Personalized brand IP is an important achievement of socialization. < / P > < p > the personalized brand IP is the essence of social e-commerce, and it is also a currency asset that can be circulated. For example, when a certain online celebrity brings goods, we should pay priority to the live webcast, and then purchase the products recommended by the webcast. At this time, the IP brand of online popularity has the characteristics of assets. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”