Sogou – Disclaimer

1. Any web page linked by search results obtained through Sogou’s search engine technology and services, as well as all contents in the webpage, are made and provided by the owner of the third party website to which the page belongs (hereinafter referred to as the third party page). These search results and third-party Web pages are automatically searched by search engine technology, and do not and do not reflect any opinions and opinions of Sogou company, nor does it mean that Sogou agrees with or supports any content, claim or position on such third-party website. Sogou company is not responsible for the legality, accuracy, authenticity, applicability and security of the content in the third-party website, nor is it responsible.

2. Any unit or individual who needs the content of a third party’s website (including information, data, news, product or service introduction, quotation, etc.) and intends to conduct transactions or other activities accordingly, it shall carefully identify the legality, accuracy, authenticity, practicability and security of such content (including whether downloading the content of the third party’s website will infect computer virus), And take careful preventive measures. If you are not sure whether the content is legal, accurate, true, practical and safe, Sogou recommends that you consult a professional first.

3. Personal injury, property damage (including computer virus infection due to downloading), defamation of reputation or goodwill, infringement of copyright or intellectual property rights and other rights caused by any unit or individual’s believing in, using information, services, products and other contents of the third party’s website, or conducting transactions accordingly, and the damage consequences caused by such incidents, Sogou company is not responsible, will not and cannot assume any legal liability, but should be borne by the owner of the third party website. For whatever reason, Sogou shall not bear any direct, indirect, incidental or derivative losses and liabilities for any transactions and behaviors not directly occurred with Sogou.

4. If any third-party website does not want to be included by Sogou’s search engine technology, it must report to Sogou company in time, or add a rejection mark on the page of its website according to the robots exclusion protocol. Otherwise, Sogou’s search engine technology will be regarded as an included website.

5. If any unit or individual thinks that the content of the third-party webpage obtained through Sogou’s search engine service may be suspected of infringing its legal copyright, it shall, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations on the protection of the right of information network communication, promptly respond to Sogou company in written form, and provide corresponding identity certificate, ownership certificate and detailed infringement proof After receiving the above-mentioned documents, the link from the search results to the third-party website accused of infringement will be disconnected as soon as possible. If the owner of such disconnected third-party website thinks that the search results claimed by Sogou do not infringe the legitimate copyright of others, they also have the right to send a counter notice to Sogou company that the disconnected link does not violate the regulations on the protection of the right of information network communication. Sogou company reminds you: if your claim of infringement or non infringement is untrue, you will bear the relevant legal liability in accordance with the regulations on the protection of information network communication right.

Author: zmhuaxia